Would someone please make me an AV?


I would like one with Chunners in it. Anything with her in it will do.


now to hope that the size 8 text ppl dont kill me again, i will work as hard as possible on this one with all my knowledge…and did u mean chun li? i hav no clue who chunners is… and if possible can u supply a pic?


Yeah, Chunners = Chun Li. I can’t really supply a pic, but I would like to have a blue background, with Chunners in it. It’s hard for me to actually describe what I want in words, so I’m doing as best as I can…


ok, i’ll get working on it right now




DJ - Pics are at www.gamegen.com


here u go. to me, its probably the best thing i’ve done. because i liked the idea i used to make it


Thanks man. :slight_smile:


Hmmm…looking at the AV now…would it be possible for you to make a different type of lettering for my name? It just seems like the lettering is a little too plain…


i didnt download any fonts so…i dont know, unless the font u want me to use has a name…and i didnt save it on my comp…so if i had to change the font i’d hav to make a completely new one…


it’s always best to keep the original PSD file around, for when your requesters want a revision.

if you want new fonts, check the sticky, n00b.


I had a few minutes… sorry if its not what your looking for but since he can’t change the text, i figurd that i’d ofer an alternative…


Shhhhh… STFU!!