Would the Eternal Champions storyline bring a lawsuit?

We all know the story of Eternal Champions. The EC plucked near-dead people from time to fight for their lives in his tourney. The winner goes back for a chance to change his future.

It was a cool storyline for a fighting game, and the basic premise has potential. I’m not a developer or anything, but this got me thinking about copyrights.

If someone wanted to use the basic premise of EC, would they catch a lawsuit? Even with different characters and maybe different circumstances to the tournament? That premise, again, is influential people, plucked from time before their deaths, fighting for a chance to go back and change things.

I doubt it unless you called it Eternal Champions, I doubt sega even remember that game.

Probably not, seeing as it’s so old that most people besides us here at srk have forgotten about it.

Yeah I still play it every now and then…love it and the sequel and hope they redo it…if not they should sell the rights to SNK…

And call it World Heroes.

Hahahaha…that’s funny Rhio…but true…because the “Going back in time” thing was in Eternal Champions and World Heroes…

And the final bosses in both are extraterrestrials…

In EC the Eternal Champion which is like GOD (The Dark Champion in the sequel who is SATAN)

In WH you got aliens in Neo Dio and Neo Geegus…

Usually you can get away with using a similar premise if beyond the initial idea they don’t share any striking similarities. It’s why you can have both the Transformers and the Gobots, existing at the same time.

Or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Biker Mice from Mars, and Sewer Sharks, etc, which share similar premises (since it was people trying to get in on the cash cow that was TMNT at the time), but wouldn’t be mistaken for each other.

Also the company would probably have to prove at this point that your game could potentially negatively impact their company at all, which, seeing as there hasn’t been a sequel in so long, would be hard to do.