Would the MvC3 community be opposed to lowering the damage?

Sorry but this a disingenuous representation. I’m a proponent of FG balance, and it has nothing to do with ‘my fave characters getting buffed while others get nerfed’. Don’t do that.

Unbalance is over-glorified in my opinion. This is probably something we won’t agree upon if we argued a full year. So I’m calling it.

Gonna actually play the game right now.

Do you cry about balance?
I make comments about it, and when it’s as bad as it is in MvC2, I do complain about it… But I don’t go trolling around forums making threads called “Dear Capcom, fix my Sean in 3S because I can’t beat a Ken player”

Well if it means anything to you I happen to hate those threads.

Then you don’t fall into that “crybaby” category I mentioned.

Having issues with balance is one thing. Wanting serious imbalance components fixed is also part of that “one thing”. I wouldn’t mind Sentinel’s unblockable laser having gotten the hammer, likewise with Magneto’s c.lk juggle property. Both of those things, in my opinion, are just “free hit” tools that were abused by scrubs in MvC2 forever. It wouldn’t give them the match, but they would get a lucky hit, and just do some dumb shit that would take forever (like the infinite forever), and they’d lose at the end of the day anyway.

Wanting things changed for the purpose of your own inability to play is something completely else. Those things weren’t changed in MvC2, but I still played and adapted to it. If I refused to play the game and whine and whine about it until the end of the earth… well, that’s something completely different, and something that I really hate about today’s generation of gamers. There was a thread with a 15-year old complaining about 3S’s inbalances… Something there is very wrong.

Try having some kid tell you how arcade culture was, when he was literally a toddler during the time. Talking about how a stick feels more comfortable for him, when he grew up on pads (half the people using sticks are using it because of culture rather than actual comfort).

I guess this is just our cue that we’re getting too old and unimportant in the grand business model of life.

The only thing I want to add to that last comment you said…

When some random kid has a $300 custom stick that his dad paid off, and I have my “box with buttons” that has 2 wires coming out of it and duct tape holding the frame together, I get a bit pissy about it. Maybe I just have those bills that need to be paid… But I bet I could body these kids with their fancy sticks…

SPEAKING OF WHICH, a bit OT and me reminiscing back to Evo2k7… OrochiZoolander was there, and he was young at the time, and he spent HALF AN HOUR trying to DP on a stick. That shit was cute.

And you’re right, or THIS wouldn’t exist:

Oh man, that takes me back…

This point, mostly on XFC lvl3.

The damage on the other moves should stay like it is imho, if you would tone down the damage in general you would get a lot more time out victories.
A high damage game keeps you on the edge, there is a reason people still play ST to this day.

And these are pretty valid points as well.

When I see a kid with a $300 custom, I smile, because that means that somewhere down the line, one of my buds at Tech Talk got paid (and maybe me too).

I gots a question. How is this different compared to the current situation?
Emphasis on really long and drawn out combos? Check.
DHC glitch friendly teams? Check.
Characters with good reset capability? Check.

Cyborg? I guess Iron Man could technically be considered a Cyborg. (If you meant Zero, he’s all robot.)

Now for the on topic part.
The one result I can see from lowering the damage is more emphasis on distinguishing “battery” and “meter user,” more meter management in general, and devaluing the life of your point character. I feel that lowering the damage would set most people’s gameplans to “build as much meter as possible until my point character dies.”

Lowering the damage inevitably slows the pace of the game. Some people might like it, others like me might not. I prefer faster paced fighters precisely because it leaves you less time to think and puts more emphasis on reading the opponent. Perhaps its just me, but I find as far as video games go, the more time I have to think the worse I start doing.

Funny. I didn’t think Wolverine’s/She Hulk’s/Wesker’s standard combo into DHC or Level 3= dead character counted as long drawn out combos. I didn’t think DPX Trap>mash buttons>super counted as long and drawn out combos.

How many DHC glitch friendly teams have you seen place high in tournaments?

How many teams have you seen specializing in resets besides the guys who hoard meter for phoenix? Why would you even go for resets when you can kill a character very easily?

These elements exist, but they are not as competitive because of lol ezmode ToDs and derpfactor.

I vote no. IF you want lower damage, you can do it in options, why force everyone else to change just because it fits your playstyle. The game is designed so that if u make a mistake it = death, which makes for an intense gaming experience. Everyone has access to the same characters so there is nothing that’s really unfair, and I agree, scaling the damage down would cause DHC glitch characters to be highly favored, unless they removed the DHC trick, in which case I’m not sure if that would make the game as fun as it is now.

You worded this survey stupid, I accidentally hit no, when i meant yes. DO NOT CHANGE THE GAME

All three of those standard combos take nearly the same amount of time to do from start to finish. In comparison, Dante’s take about 5 seconds longer.
Dark Phoenix combos take roughly the same time as Wolverine/Shulk/Wesker, the thing is Dark Phoenix generally comes with XF3, which removes the need for long combos(or in her case, combos in general.)

DHC glitch friendly teams place high in tournaments:
Final Round XIV
Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 7
CEO 2011
Revalations 2011
And thats only if you count the top 4, in other words almost every major tournament since the DHC glitch was discovered.
In addition, that’s not counting weekly tournaments or ranbats such as Wednesday Night Fights, The Break, Starbase Arcade or anything stream monsters may or may not have access to.

Teams specializing in resets? Same as above, all of the teams have very strong reset potential.

So I gots a question, how is what you said different from the current situation?

I do agree with this, but there’s a hint of irony reading this in SRK.

Does it really matter? It’s not like Capcom’s going to come in here and kiss the OP’s ass because he cried.

Honestly, if you don’t understand when I say

then I dunno what else to say. You act like the word shift means that they’re not viable right now. They are viable, they are good, but they are not DOMINATING, which is what the shift would cause, domination by these guys.

Current situation would be something like

1)Long and hard combos aren’t necessary because the damage is too high, so characters who rely on those to get damage have to work 3 times as hard for equal payoff to others
2)DHC glitch centred teams are good but costs at least 2 meters and requires specific team order while not adding much else compared to regular BNB>DHC except against high health chars. Team breaks down if order is swapped or someone died.
3)Resets are rarely used(bar Wesker and Magnetos dropping combos) because of ToD nature of the game

i answered yes because:

damage in this game is fine minus dhc glitch, TAC combos and lvl3 xf. it doesnt matter how much you tone down the damage, these 3 things will always be an issue regardless of regular damage output

once these hopefully get fixed at some point(maybe not till the new game), then we can talk about lowering the damage. in a casual setting(since this change wouldn’t affect characters that end up in top 8 teams anyways)all lowering the damage would accomplish is ruining characters that people who want this sort of change use. its like shooting yourself in the foot.

There’s no misunderstanding, only a seemingly complete lack of knowledge.

  1. You are vastly underestimating the amount of damage and meter gain characters get for “more work.” Magneto’s rom to hypergrav loop deals more damage before super than Wolverine does with Akuma assist. Wesker’s damage is actually on the low end(standard bnb is about 500k before super) but Wesker has resets for days. Yeah, you see Wolverine doing XF1 a lot and killing a character, but most characters can do that already. The problem isn’t Wolverine’s damage, its Wolverine’s ability to endlessly cross up and invade space.

  2. The DHC glitch costs 2 meters to start, which leads to a combo that, in killing a character will build that bar back. The result? You’ve killed a character for basically 1 bar. In the case that an additional super is necessary, you’ve killed a character for basically 2 bars.

3)Viscant would like to have a word with you, so would NerdJosh and Marlinpie. I’d say I’d like to have a word with you, but I’m not a professional player, and I’m already having words with you.

The things you mentioned are in fact dominating the current scene. Why you seem completely oblivious to that fact, especially given how easy it is to find videos of high level play, is the only thing I’m not understanding.

  1. I am not underestimating anything. Yes you get more meter and more damage. BUT IT DOESN’t really matter when the guy in front of you can XF, kill you with basic shit he’s 100% sure he’s not gonna drop, put your next character into two or 3 50/50 mixups in a row, rip him open a new one and then proceed to laugh as he runs out your level 3 XF. If you have <950 health, just dhcing into the next character should be enough to kill, no XF.
  1. The DHC glitch doesn’t necessarily build that bar back. Characters who can build meter off their DHC glitch finisher, Task/Tron/Phoenix/Sentinel/Wesker.
    When most combos can kill off most of the competitive characters with a simple DHC, the DHC glitch is good but is not really necessary or even the fastest or meter efficient way to get ToDs.

  2. Oy now. Viscant isn’t winning because he has mad resets. He’s winning because his phoenix is beasting. Nerdjosh uses resets with She-Hulk when he doesn’t have enough meter to kill. They are his alternative, not his go to method of killing off a character. He’s not gonna intentionally drop a combo to try and reset you. Same for marlinpie.

Also I think you’re confusing what I would call Marvel’s okizeme and mixups for resets.


DHC glitch friendly team won a major(closest that would come to that is Combofiend, but he wasn’t even using the glitch)? Nope
High Execution, long combo ToD team won a Major? Nope
Reset heavy team winning a major? Nope.

Yeah so not winning = dominating. Makes sense.

What is currently dominating: