Would the Street Fighter 3 (or Cps3!) games become more popular?

…Due to their new “available everywhere” status?

Personally, im going to explore 2nd impact and Jojo’s.

What’s the best Jojo’s of the 2?

Well, they both animate like cpsII except for Kakyoin’s forward/backward jumping animation…try the second Jojo. You know the Capcom motto: “Latest = Greatest”

the second JoJo is an awesome and underrated game. It deserves to get more love.

Wasn’t CPS3 decrypted or something recently?

I wanna play SF:III3S on my computer.

There’s no CPS2 version, unless you meant CPS3. =P Both games are nearly identical, cept’ the latter has bosses unlocked, etc.

keyword = like

What? How could they (videogame sprites) animate like videogame hardware (CPS2)? Even if he meant they animate like CPS2 sprites in a CPS2 game (which I’m sure it was just a typo, lacking an extra “i”), they dont.

CPS3 isn’t even emulated yet (though “cracked”); possibly never

It has. I just got done playing sf3 2i,

^ Where have you been for the past week or more?

Some part of me feels disappointed that random people are going to suddenly care about 3S when they realize they can play it online for free and do stupid shit, when I’ve been supporting the game in arcades and on console for years. But on the other hand, it’s yet another way to play 3S, so I won’t complain too much.

lol (filler)

Emulator exists, with online play. And I’ve tried it online, it definitely does work (but there are some desync issues).

What are the tiers for NG and 2nd Impact?

Ibuki is broke tier in both

Sean is usually higher than the other shotos thanks to meter glitch

Gouki is in broke tier with Ibuki in 2I

from there it’s a free for all with Hugo being low tier in 2I and Elena being horrible in NG

Don’t know much for NG,but heard that in 2I it’s Akuma,Ibuki and Sean(YEAH!) for the top 3. I remember seeing a list somewhere around…

for ng, ibuki is the best, oro is apparently very good too (tengu bs).

they took out alot of the bs in both 2i and ng in the dc version.

Sean was one of the best in my book for both DI games (NG and 2I). I blame Capcom for fucking up his dragon smash in 3S. :tdown:

Stop talking about SF3 3s when it comes to CPS3!!

SF3 was available everywhere including system ports!

Everybody knows the real and top game everybody will be playing is Warzard!!

So the list goes like this for CPS3 expectancy!!

  1. Warzard
  2. 3s
  3. Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure ( 2nd version)
  4. 2nd Impact
  5. SF3 NG
  6. Jo Jo’s Venture

someone better make a warzard hack that includes all the bosses as playable chars

Hell Yeah!!

Now that would be sweet because I want to try out that Aztec stone boss Gi Gi :bgrin:

I want to see a lot of sprite rips for .gif animations soon enough :tup: