Would there be any interest in a Top 32 betting pool?


Maybe not for this year’s EVO but for future years since this year is too soon, would it be possible, as soon as brackets are confirmed, to start allowing entries for who everyone thinks will make top 32, sort of March Madness style?

Give a certain number of points for guessing each tier correctly, for example, 1 point for guessing a player in Top 32 properly, 2 for top 16, 4 for top 8, 8 for top 4, 16 for finals and 32 for the winner?

Then rank each entry based on points gained and award prizes to the people who came the closest with a big prize for the player with the most points and an even grander “sweepstakes” prize that would only be awarded if someone correctly predicts the entire bracket? In cases of ties, tie-break by having players guess number of seconds remaining in the round that ends Grand Finals. Closest player to the correct number wins.

Give it like a $5 entry fee and allow multiple entries for the same person if they want to pay more than once. I think for big events like SF4 and MvC3 this could be really interesting.

Anyone interested in the idea?