Would this be a good stick to last me until sf5?

I’ve always played fighters on a pad and find the quality of both pdp and madcatz pads to be terrible last gen i purchased a combined of 7 pads.Since then i’ve decided to invest in a fight stick with my new ps4 and looked at hori real arcade 4 kai which is 149 at amazon,do you think this is a good quantity stick that would hold me over until street fighter 5 comes out? I would be playing mkx and ultra sf4 until sf5 with this stick.

Yup, it’s a good stick.

Considering SF5 is “said” to be released somewhere around this time next year you’d have to buy something seriously shitty or just be extremely unlucky to have it break before that. :smile:

But to actually answer your question, yes it’s a good stick. Hori, save for some exceptions, generally makes really good stuff.

Get a Mayflash v2.

How is that stick? I considered buying one to see if I liked using stick or not, ended up getting a Qanba Q1 since they were more reputable.

Please use the following thread for “what stick should I buy?” needs: