Would this be a viable Ultra Change for Yang?



I want to know what the Yang community thinks about this as possible buff for Ultra. Would it make Yang too strong, is just right, or still not enough?

I think Yang is too reliant on meter. He has to spend two bars just to get his cl.mk. I think that if they decreased cl.ml’s start up to 3 frames, made it more unsafe, and give the first hit of one of his mantis slashes (EX or maybe hard punch because the second hit would be ultra punishable, so players would only use the (whatever version buffed) punch version when they have confirmed the hit) +4 to land the cl.mk or a st.lp.

I don’t think cl.mk being 3 frames would be broken because of its low range, and if you make it make -5 or -8 on block players won’t just go throwing out there. They could even make it -14 (I hope that it would be that punishable though) because players would be able to get a cl.mk off from a mantis, so they could get a cl.mk off a other frame trapping moves, rather than needing to use cl.mk as a frame trap.

Also, since one of the mantis slashes would be +4, players could link a st.lp into a full mantis slash or whatever ender they choose. Damage scaling would probably keep yang from reaching 300 damage, but it would still give players a little extra meter.

The main reason I think he needs this change is because no one uses his super. Most players don’t use their supers with their characters because they would rather use an fadc, but when they do have it, most players let it rep, but not Yang players. Yang players see a full meter as fadc cl.mk or ultra. The ultra part is understandable, but even ryu players use their super, and Yang has some really high damage set ups with his supers, so I find it odd that almost nobody ever uses it, and when they do, it’s normally just to pressure a weak opponent to death.

With this change players would be able to save 1-2 bars of meter to get their cl.mk and in some situations, their ultras. On average, Yang is pretty boring to watch. He just uses cr.mk xx lp MS until he gets two bars, and then it’s cr.mk xx lp MS Ultra or cl.mk into a set up. These changes would really speed up Yang’s game, and we might be able to see more super set ups in competitive play.


Yang is already strong in Ultra.

close s.mk is jump cancelable, disadvantage afterward doesn’t matter.

For super set-ups, see Yun.


[quote="East;8788441"For super set-ups, see Yun. [/quote]

Do they transfer over.
Do you have any tips on using yang without FADC’ing?


The set-ups don’t transfer over, but from your post, it sounds like you want a more offensive-oriented damaging style, which is what Yun is good at. Yang is more defensive, but has more tools to utilize. Because of his low health, and relatively low damage output, he relies more on a defensive style of play. Frankly speaking, if you just go in swinging with Yang, you’re going to lose.

You have to pick your spots when you want to go in, otherwise, be defensive. If you’re trying to use Yang without FADC I think you’re going to find it really difficult to win, because of his low damage output. FADC affords him the ability to get more damage via combos or do mix-ups on the opponent. That’s just a part of the character.

The only advice I can give is to learn fundamentals [especially footsies] other than that another dude around here named “Cas.” started an excellent thread called [Gameplan for Beginner Yang](Game Plan for Beginner Yang which you might find useful.


Yang being allowed to do cr.LK, cst.MK would be whack.

Like really whack.

P.S. I will probably poke my eyes out if I read something about Yang having low damage again.


why, we do st.lp to cst.mk now…i think this 3f change is unneeded and would be beyond stupid personally. Also plenty of yangs use super, its still a good source of damage in the corner


I was in the middle of writing a bullet point list of why this change wouldn’t work for so many reasons(pretty much have to redesign the character to make this work), but I’ll hold back.

The problem with Yang’s super is that I feel it’s mediocre outside of the corner, and even then the execution is hard to do palm loops for instance, and if you want to use it for resets it feels like a big gamble of your meter. Now compare that with his FADC, practical utility with easy execution and massive damage if we have ultra.


I dont mind super in the corner, its insane that it does full stun… Also there are some unmashable resets (reversals will whiff and u get a lot of dmg off them)


ive read about these unmashable resets but i never came across an example. could u give one?


start the super in the corner (cr.mk x lk tele) do 4 reps, then do cr.mp x dash x cr.lk x st.mk then jump forward fp. As soon as you land hit st.mk. When they come down the third shadow hits them meaty so if they hit anything they get launched and if they reversal u can block. I have 2 more but im keeping them till after evo lol


thanks for sharing!