Would this work as an Ultra trap?

Sorry if this is old news, i had a quick glance in old threads but saw nothing.

A while ago i heard people where buffering SRK’s in jump in attacks if the jump in whiffed for whatever reason an SRK would come out, hit & the stun would prevent the SRK from coming out.

Now mix that up a bit with akuma, after a knockdown (Say, Demon flip throw) if you were to demon flip in & do his Flip -> Palm, but during this buffer his ultra.

If it hits the hitstun should prevent the Ultra from coming out.

If they backdash (Which is not uncommon) the palm should whiff & the ultra would catch?

Would this work? i’d love to test this myself but i play pad & i’m not capable of plinking or performing this fast enough to truly test it.

Yeah it does work, although you would have to know they were gonna backdash, you couldn’t realistically do it on reaction. Well, I couldn’t anyways

well, it’d be somewhat of an option select then i guess.

that is an option select and it def works have fun demoning scrubs :slight_smile:

ehhh…pretty strict timing with the palm to hit the wake up…I can alot of people whiffing the palm and wasting an ultra and getting punished hard…why not after demon flip throw…jHK safe jump->buffer demon…timing is alot easier and it works the same way…palm opselects are just harder versions of safe jump opselects…I don’t know who did it…but someone put a vid up of akuma opselects with regular dive kick (d+mk) and the looked pretty beast…maybe try that as well…

I didn’t think the HK would land quick enough to catch a backdash.

^?..the usualt backdash catcher I do against people is jHK->ex/regular tatsu…but yeah demon would work…maybe not against chun/rose/viper…but then again palm would catch their backdash and knock them down…I use palm against backdash happy people all the time because it hits airborne people and gives you the un-techable KD…

DF palm has 4 landing frames…jHK has 4 landing frames…it’s the same thing jut the timing on the jHK/jHP is alot easier…

Sorry i thought you was talking about demon flip ->Dive kick… the reason i chose Demon palm over the standard jmp + HK is because i seem to find people backdash more when i do a demon flip than a standard jump in.

Well, I never use palm wiff-> ultra cause it’s easy to avoid, but palm wiff -> super works wonders for me. Just don’t do it against a charge character, you might get hit, or if you xu wiffed, and they do a horizontal attack before they turn, you’ll just chase their tail, classic stupid shit.

There is an Ultra option select off the Vortex that works pretty well, but the timing is super tight. I’ve only tested it in training mode against Sagat and it works beautifully against him. I use it a lot during matches but it’s hard to be sure you got the option select perfectly because you only get to see one outcome. This catches some chars on their vortex escapes.

Anyways, what you do is go into your crossup tatsu like you are doing the vortex. After you execute the tatsu, pause for a bit (depending on how quickly you input demon) and then input the demon. If the tatsu connects or is blocked you should see no demon, but if the tatsu wiffs the demon will come out as soon as you are recovered from your tatsu. This is really useful in the mirror match – even if you mess up the OS you can still mash on the final demon inputs if you see Akuma teleport.

Can someone post in an organized way how to punish wakeup backdashes, jump-outs and teleports with option selects ?

i believe LP, LP+HK will option select sweep if a backdash occurs. not positive on this tho.