Would u guys recommend a Hori FS3?

That’s what I’ve been recommending for the recent threads for Canadians. After taxes, it should probably come out to about $150, no need to spend $20 on 8 Sanwa buttons.

As for the current line-up for Hori Sticks:
Real Arcade Pro - Current line are the V3 and VX series, previous gen are 3 and EX
Fighting Stick - V3 and VX, previous ones are FS3 and EX2
Wireless Fighting Stick - Wireless versions of the above FS, was exclusive to Tekken 6 and offers 8 buttons instead of 6

well they also have the Real Arcade Pro: 3 Premium VLX
but thats price insanely.

how does the real arcade pro v3 compare to te stick

If it weren’t for the Amazon Black Friday sale, I would still have my HRAP V3 instead of the VLX :smiley:

I think I’ve always been biased towards Hori’s Real Arcade Pro series when compared to the TE sticks but here’s my opinion on the two sticks.

They both feel different, both sticks has their designs based upon the Taito Vewlix cabs’ control panel but that’s where they split. The TE stick has more wrist room so it’s ideal to play on your lap whereas the V series is slimmed down leaving less room making it perfect to play on a table.
The TE stick weighs about 6 pounds whereas the HRAP weighs about 4 pounds making it noticeably lighter and because the HRAP is longer in width, it’s actually nice to have the extended sides used as handles. Also one reason why I always like Hori is because everything is on the face of the stick, I really don’t like having “start” and “select” on the back of the stick. TE stick offers slightly by having the D-pad, Left Analog and Right Analog selection but there’s really no use in that feature IMO.

thanks Syn13. A&C games has the hrap v3 in stock. i’ll just go pick it up tomorrow.

quick question. whats the difference between the hrap v3 and hrap vlx? Why is priced 100 bucks more?

Size and material.

I think 3/4 of the stick is metal whereas the size bezels and back piece are plastic. The entire front/face piece opens up much like the actual Vewlix cab with two button holders found inside. Other than that, the VLX offers the same play experience but it’s more of a “collector’s item” IMO lol.

Heroes World has the HRAP EX VLX for about $330 I think,

wow. well im not prepared to drop 300 right now! lol
i think hrap v3 will do me just fine. thanks for all the help!

Thanks guys! I picked up the HRAP v3 Sa :slight_smile: - aweosme stick …