Would USFIV be more fun with Edition Select online & in tourneys?


Honestly USFIV in its current state is way more boring and less competitive than its predecessors. At least in Arcade Edition you felt like you were still strong. USFIV, all it did was nerf and reduce the game even more except with a few buffs for the shitty tier characters, however the game just feels like an overall weaker version of Vanilla SFIV, SSFIV, SSFIV:AE.

We should actually be allowed to play Edition Select online and in tourneys now!! what’s the deal?? They said they were you consider adding Edition Select for Endless Mode! It’s not fair.

And tourneys haven’t yet opened up to the awesome dream matches and variety of matchups we would get. I mean look at CvS2. That game was full of variety and excitement from all the diverse grooves, matchups, technical differences and how selecting a groove can completely change a character in positive or negative ways.

Yoshinori Ono was right, it’s more fun picking cheap and strong characters rather than weak and supremely ‘nerf balanced’


i’m all for it. we should give it a go and see what happens. SF4 gets more boring with each iteration for me for those very reasons you mentioned. i believe there’s been some tournaments that tried it but i also think we should give Ultra a little longer to develop. you never know what might pop up after some time and i’m also looking forward to that patch. that said, if you wait too long for tech to pop up, you’re going to lose interest in the game itself so Edition Select for Endless might help in the mean time.


From what I’ve seen of actual Edition Select tournaments all you’d actually get is Vanilla over again. The vanilla edition characters are simply so unbalanced in terms of damage output and combo potential that they typically overpower the rest of the cast. Vanilla Seth and Sagat are simply monstrous and even more balanced characters such as Ryu are still OP in Vanilla form. You would likely see Super Yun and A.E. Fei Long and Cammy. Other than the greatest beasts of the SF4 series, the other 30 or so characters become much worse. The problem is that when you open the floodgates, a lot of the cast gets washed away. It would quickly become just as “boring” as you seem to think it is now, but it would just be a different kind of boring.


i disagree. smaller roster games are not necessarily more boring. this game has too many characters anyways but i can only speak for myself and from past experiences with fighting games. i’d rather have like 10 powerful characters than 44 weak ones. the flood gates have been opened anyways with DWU and RFA imo.


what? boring? LOL no way would it be boring, it would be revolutionary in the game itself. Do you have any idea how much more fun and complete USFIV would become?

Vanilla had like 5 top tier characters?
Ryu, Sagat, Rufus, Akuma, Boxer

Super SFIV had like 6 top tiers?
Guile, E. Honda, Boxer, Chun-Li, Ryu, Dictator

SSFIV AE had 3-4/+ top tiers?
Fei Long, Yun, Cammy… and etc??

all this is nearly 10 or more STRONG rostered characters instead of some weak nerf balanced thumbsucking edition. when I say nearly 10, I mean that there could be even more strong characters and new unawakened legendary tiers to pop up. who is to say that with all the knowledge we know now, that there could be stronger characters from earlier iterations that have not been studied and displayed?

Ahem, if memory serves me right, I don’t recall being a ‘Super Yun.’ Vanilla AE Yun was not that hard to be honest, I enjoy playing against him and he never gave me too much problems.

One thing I can firmly make clear is that Edition Select for all modes of tourney and online play would highly invest into the series itself.


Also there were soooo many players who quit SF4 as the game aged over time. With Edition Select you can bring back some veterans or the prior existed number of players who might be interest to retry again under their more familiar memories of their characters.


If you don’t care about any contrary opinions or data and just want people to agree with your opinion, I’m not sure why you made the thread at all. And being pretentious doesn’t endear people to your cause. Ultra is more balanced in that more of the cast is viable with characters such as Dudley, Cody, T. Hawk, Rose, Chun-Li and others having abilities and stats that allow them to really shine. Not saying Ultra is perfect - far from it - but there’s a lot that’s yet to be proven.

Your argument that Ultra is noncompetitive and boring doesn’t really make a lot of sense. At EVO this year the top 8 was pretty interesting with a Zangief and Rose fighting alongside Fei Long and Sagat. Sagat and Fei are characters that were supposedly nerfed which you claim is detrimental to the game, yet they still show up in high standings. And Rose, with her Ultra balances and a skilled pilot, was able to win. E. Ryu and Yun, characters that people were claiming in all the tier-lists were the current gods of Ultra didn’t perform so hot which means there is plenty still to explore and analyze in the game. Ultra has the most to offer the community, and since it hasn’t been fully explored yet I don’t see the need to revert the game into a “Dream Match” circus at the competitive level.


Probably not, but I wouldn’t even think about it until they fix vanilla characters not having their actual vanilla stuff and allowing Ultra characters to use DWU against pre-Ultra characters.


Dudley, T-Hawk, and Cody aren’t even doing too well. Maybe Rose did well because Capcom nerfed the shit out of everybody else. Maybe this year Bonchan decided to work his way up and step up his Sagat. That’s all up to the players. They still kick ass even with each new nerfed iteration of SF4 that comes out. Remember when C. Viper won last year or the year before? How’s Viper doing now? Every year Evo is completely different and unpredictable.

Chun-Li still sucks ass considering the fact that she got a Kikosho damage increase buff and some more HP, she is still nothing compared to her Vanilla Hosenka days. I main Chun-Li, I would know, okay? The buffs she had is nothing. I’ll take vanilla damage Chun over USFIV Chun any day.

Uhh you’ve never seen the old days with Mago’s Sagat, or his Fei Long, or Vance’s Zangief?


Dudley, T-Hawk, and Cody have always sucked, and with each iteration they only get slight buffs while hard nerfing everybody else!!

If you want these characters to get better than Capcom can buff these guys WITHOUT the necessity to nerf everybody else.