Would you bang a dude that has a woman-like behind?


would anyone here fuck a dude that had an ass that’s similar to a woman’s ass, both shape, feel, and clean colon?

for me, the ass would have to be as fine as sofia vergara’s, and i have to be drunk and/or high while banging him.

(no homo)




There’s some things you can’t “no homo” your way out of… Buttfucking a dude is one of them… In fact it’s probably like, number 1 on the list…

EDIT: Actually probably more like number 2. It’s right under: “I’ve never had a cock in my ass, so why not? YOLO” and right above: “You know what? Fuck the haters, Beiber actually makes catchy music.”



…yyyup…time for me to go to bed


lol Just tell the dude you’re feeling that you want to unass his shoot n get it over with.




Where’s the “fuck yeah!” option?


what in skywizards great name are you talking about. A man’s ass is a man’s ass even if it looks like a females ass. I think it will do you more good to accept that you just experienced a gay fantasy and deal with it.


i didn’t think about any male-on-male penetration, so it’s not gay


It is, by definition, a homosexual sex act, and therefore it is gay. By definition.

Also, you might want to edit “ass” out of the thread title. I recommend “butt”. It’s a much funnier word than it gets credit for.


So you gonna record yourself having sex with dude, on the internet, AFTER you kill him.

You know, like that other cat?

Because my girl wants to watch.


does “ass” sit on the border (no pun intended) or profanity? i know mods get iffy about curse words in titles, but i honestly think ass wouldn’t qualify for a closure or ban.


read bold and let it sink and then

What has been said cannot be unsaid, and what has been seen cannot be seen. You said you would. Im sorry but you did think it, and you claimed you would. No amount of justification would make it any less homoerotic.

Pro Tip and FACT: Being high and or drunk does not give you the excuse to claim said action is a non homosexual lewd act, if such a lewd act was performed while under the influence, its still just as gay.


But what about ESTACY.

Dat make everyone gay.


Drugs do not implant desires that were not already there. They just remove the inhibitions to act on those desires.

This is why fratboys get hella gay on each other when they drink.


i was not aroused by the thought in anyway, nor did i got an erection from thinking about a homosexual act. therefore, it’s not gay. it’s gay if you say “i want to fuck a man’s ass because i’m gay”, but i never did say i was gay. so it’s not a gay thought.

plus, it’s not gay if you were under the influence. if you get slipped roofies into your drink, and you get your butt passed around by a couple of guys, is it gay? are you a homosexual if you involuntarily get your ass-fucked by a man? answer me that

yue, it make everyone gay.


From my experience no. Can’t even get your dick up with that crap. Maybe gay as in fucking weaboo happy hour man everybody is so amazing type happy.

you said you would fuck a man if his ass looked like sofia vergara.

Getting slipped drugs like roofies, GBH, and scopolamine which completely incapacitate you and knock you out aren’t the same as sucking dick because your drunk and loose, or you need meth/crack. One class of drugs incapacitates you and they fuck you with out knowing, the other you willingly choose to suck dick. Don’t hide behind drugs like extreme dissociatives, and you still shouldn’t use GBH type drugs as an excuse. Had you taken care of your drink, gotten your own drink, payed for your own drink, there is a very little chance for it to be administered. If it does happen though, i wouldn’t call it gay, id call it rape.

I wonder how fast this argument would go south if you told this to a frat boy.


what about trannys?? ehhh?
or post-op trannys?


that’s just as gay. Skywizard is indeed saddened today.


I was just asking for y’alls insight. I like pussy