Would you be opposed to every character getting an air dash?

Or a short jump of some kind ala Jojo?

One of the main balance problems in MvC2 is that you become invincible against a large portion of the low tier roster as soon as you hold down-back.

I think TVC and the Arc Systems series got it right when they allowed the majority of characters to perform an effective high-low mix up of some sort.

On that note, what about bringing back X-men vs. Streetfighter style throws that lead to big damage/supers? In MvC2, only certain characters could get big damage off throws, and it was usually the characters who least needed it. Everyone else got about a fierce’s worth of damage.

The throws should combo like xmvsf, this game should be the cheapest vs game in history.

All characters air dashing? Ew no.

If you just add Demetri and Jedah to the capcom cast, BOOM! instant comp with Marvel Top teirs

And I am Meh on throws.

Characters that don’t have any probability of airdashing shouldn’t, like Chris Redfield or Megaman for example, but say someone like Dante or Morrigan would definitely have airdashing because they as characters can do so.

^i second that.
if the character couldnt feaseably air dash in their own respective games?then icksnay.
but maybe forward moving specials pr specials that cause axtra hangtime in the air, a la cable granades?im not opposed to.

throws are good.but thats because i can throw/tech decently.:slight_smile:

Wolverine airdashing would be stupid as hell. It can’t be that hard to give him some other way to RTSD. Beef up the divekick. Make the throw better. I don’t know. Just…don’t give him airdash.

There are other ways to balance a game.
Giving everyone the same weapons is just the lamest…

give fast overhead moves to chars without trijumps and maybe faster or safer ground dashes for those same chars or even higher super jumps so they can pass by everything someone throws at them and they should be fine

Not everyone should be able to airdash or double jump, but even if they do, I won’t be dropping MvC3 just for that…

anyway, I just thinks it’s better if they think some better way to balance things.

If they make conscious efforts to balance this game it will mess it up. Give air dashes to those who can air dash, not everyone.

No I am against all characters with air dashes.

Not EVERY character. Air dash is useful as long as only certain characters have it. Once everyone has an air-dash it just looks like arcana heart with people doing them in every which direction while failing to land any hits.

But I’m guessing that you have no problem with Ryu/Akuma/Sakura firing giant laser beams?

Every character should have forward airdash or double jump as a very minimum. Presuming the same type of assist system is in place, double jump is an extremely powerful tool.

Um, obviously not, since the characters are capable of firing energy from their hands and do similar things in their games. Seriously, what kind of a stupid counter-argument is this?

Air dash for everybody wont be necessary if they focus on making a more solid ground game
ground game on MvC2 sucks
Jumpin all day FTW

Are you fucking kidding me?! You and FunkyP choose story or some other type of bullshit over proper balancing. I agree with Spider-Dan, proper and fair gameplay>stupid story bullshit.

I DONT think everyone needs an air dash, but I do think that if a character doesn’t get one, there should be a conscious effort to give that character other aerial mobility options. Every character should not be Magneto. For example, if you took MvC2 Psylocke, and rebalanced her hitboxes and frame numbers vs. trijumps you could balance that matchup with out giving her a tri-jump and a Rom.

Short hops sounds pretty good to me, because it would allow everybody to get an instant overhead game right off the bat. If you don;t get an air dash, you should be looking at at least a double jump, float style move, or something similar.

On another note, Capcom can’t make the mistake of nerfing the returning God Tier characters, what they need to do is give everyone the tools to fight them. Basically Storm/Sent/Mag/Cable should all play the same, or close to the same. If the overall game is going to be slightly slower-paced or w/e, then at least keep it relative, but everyone knows that Marvel is about speed and reaction time, and combos where every point of damage is earned through execution. Marvel has always been about shattering the boundaries of execution barriers, I wholeheartedly feel that tampering with the high level execution requirements would be a major affront to the series.

Please understand the reason why the God Tier in vanilla Marvel have allowed the game to thrive for a decade at high level play-- their mobility and combo system is so open, that it’s allowed for a progression of constantly re-upping one another. As one character evolves, the rest are forced to reach into their bag of tricks to find a counter. Basically give everyone more moves and options than we know what to do with, players can take it from there.

Don’t change the core of the blocking system, aside from twitch guard (it might be beneficial to at least attempt a proximity based system for this), its really solid.

I’m not against them firing Shinku Hadoukens if thats what you’re talking about, because they can do that.

But still giving every character the same movement options is just a very poor way to balance.

^it’s the LAZY way to balance. I’m all for the lows being able to not only get overheads in some way and for them to get past team scrub/santhrax shenanigans. but lazying out the balance process like in TvC is not the way to go…or at least…I hope there is another way to do it.

I like the idea of only some characters have air dashes, but if everyone getting one leads to a better game, I’ll abandon my ideals with the swiftness.

Dr. B can air dash in 129600 directions.

So in other words, going from throwing a relatively small ball of fire to shooting an ENORMOUS laser beam (which even Iron Man needs a gun the size of Jesus to do) from their hands is a perfectly reasonable leap of logic, but dashing forward WHILE IN THE AIR? No sir, that is far too unrealistic.

Except when Chun-Li does it. Then it is perfectly OK.

Like i said they have Shinku/MestuHadoukens which nothing outside of what they are capable of gameplay wise. Stop trying to argue by pulling shit out of nowhere that has nothing to with anything.