Would You Buy A Used Mattress With The Sheets Off Craigslist For 150 Bucks?

this guy did

Don’t mean to brag, but Craigslist has been good to a niqqa!!! - ProjectCOVO.com Global Forum

A matress is something I’ll always buy new.

heck no, you don’t know what happened in that mattress. can include mites, molds, fluids, etc.

unless it was from a guest room but still sketchy.

I wonder if he’s interested in my used underwear.

I don’t buy used games and the only thing that touches them is fingers. There’s no telling what the sheets and mattress have come in contact with.

^Can’t cosign on not getting used games my nigga… best believe I wipe them down with something though…

lol @ the dude expecting someone to cosign on that shit.

Raise your hand if you want a mattress with cum stains, sweat, and dirt in it:confused:…

Unless I’m buying for a homeless shelter, it ain’t happening.

i work at a furniture store and we sell cal-king mattresses brand new for a little more than what he bought his used cal-king mattress for. i’m almost in tears from laughing so hard… :lol::lol::lol::tup:

What’s Wrong with That?

I bought a king size mattress on Craigslist this year. It was a tempur-pedic. A great deal. The mattress was clean and the guy lived in a respectable part of town.

What’s the big deal? If you’re a decent judge of character, you should be able to discern whether the seller is sheisty or hygienically challenged.

depends on how poor you are. If you are as poor as me, then yeah you can save alot of money buying someones used mattress that they peed and jizzed on. i would. But then again im the type of guy that eats left over food people leave at the mall courtyard.

I have some used condoms up on ebay.