Would You Buy This Shirt?

=(. …

Hell no…

lol k it was just an idea.

You know how many fucking people would ask “what is GDLK?”

I’m going to respectably pass on this one as well.



And yes.

As I see it.

how does this apply to capcom games? id just feel like a dork wearing that

Feeling like a dork would take on a proper connotation with the improvement I made to it.


As I see it.

Hhahahahahaha What the fuck is that lol

No. Hell no. :lol:

EDIT: CLU 2’s version would make it wearable, like at a tourney.

Almost as bad as that Yipes curly moustache shirt. Kinda markish.

I’ll buy it at a high price!

no. what kinda grown ass man goes around with shirts like that? all loud and ignorant. step yo polo and oxford game up.

Why yes, I think I would buy it if there are matching pants with an arrow pointing up.


[at last, you’re becoming a crafty consumer.

I’ll take eight!](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWoYmTAfDbk)

clears throat


but to stay on topic: naw, son.

If I was a white nerdish adolescent looking to attract purveryors of nerdish in-jokes and memes then yes, I would purchase said shirt.

Men and women would approach you from 100 feet away just to see it up close. To make sure their eyes weren’t playing tricks.

hahahaha we dont get wit like that on srk these days

Lol alright. Like I said I was just wondering. Plus I was bored. Anyways thnx for the feedback (?)


I would have to say no. Most people would read the shirt & then have a big “?” above their head…just like MGS! :stuck_out_tongue:

not a “wear around all day to class” shirt, but a “got back from the gym, gonna play fgs with my boys for 6 hours” shirt for sure. I’d buy that.