Would you check your wifes panties for other mans semon

you can also find out if your daughter is having sex, which is odd and strange

Unless your wife were having unprotected sex regularly enough to get it on her underwear (since if you’re going to be discreet about it you can’t just grab them all), this is pretty cost-prohibitive.

Didn’t they run this type of test on the girl who accused Kobe of rape and found that she was with 7 other guys?

Kobe finds out the other 7 were these guys



Vhat eez zee semon?

why would anyone with a functioning brain think that such a business would be profitable?

lol shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Sticky is a state of mind, man. You’re only as sticky as you wanna be.

But… What if he shoots it on the face?

I check my panties for other male seaman.

Ugh, SRK makes me so sad now :frowning:

story sounds ridiculous. who goes around searching through womens panties? I’d rather change my grandpas diaper. it all sounds like an episode of CSI where they’re searching for semen with those black lights

I don’t know how you can just say that out of the blue. What are the operating costs of a business like this? If they’re smart I’m sure they’ve felt around to see what type of interest there is in something like this. What if this is a place that does DNA testing, and this is just a side business?

OP’s use of the English language made me punch a baby.

Because the key demographic is people without a functioning brain. That’s a big market.

That’s a pretty big IF

bottled water

Pet Rock.

Can’t one up that one.

Pin-on buttons featuring Dave Coulier of TV’s Full House.

I would check Dr. B’s panties for B-semen because man-moist.

I’d say it’s perfect for a husband who suspects his wife is cheating and wants a slam dunk divorce settlement.

For a regular guy in a relationship with his girlfriend? Not necessary.