Would you consider me an "09er"?

i have been playing street fighter since SF2 Turbo, and have played just about every capcom fighting game and a few others. I am from a smaller city in Canada and didn’t know of any tournaments or anything like that until SF4 came out and that was when I really started playing and improved massively. I did play ST a lot on XBL when street fighter collection came out but I have played SF4 more than probably all the games combined. would you still consider me an “09er” because I never competed before now?

If you have to ask…

Does it matter?
It’s just a label, it doesn’t say anything about who you are, also 09’er also get used as a derogatory term.

I started trying to get more serious around 2010 with the release of SSFIV eventhough i enjoyed fighting games before…very casually.
So i’m a 10’er whatever that maybe worth, do i care, nope.

And this question deserves its own thread on FGD because?

I registered in 2009, so I guess that technically makes me one.

It doesn’t matter.


I do not understand how this is in any way related to the purpose or goals of the forum. Please don’t make threads like this. :slight_smile: