Would you consider this a glitch?

So me and my friend were playing one day online and found this glitch, so we tried it again in Vs. and it seems to work! He had a Lv.4 frank west and i used nemesis and phoenix wright for this…


basically what i see is maya pushing frankwest away from the screen and he is still hitting PW and kills him when nothing is touching him…would it be considered a glitch?

Send it to desk, see what he makes of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Take the glitch with no credit while casual players swoon at his glitch finding skills? Sounds about right.

Next step is to test it with other cinematic hypers, I’d think.

Huh? Last time i checked, when people sent glitch to desk in form of vid he give them credit in his vid.

Yeah i think so too, test Wright with all invincible cinematique hyper.

This happens to me a lot of times its nothing to game impacting.

What about DHC’s? It can make some of them really awkward

Frank’s super causes some really strange effects. I had it do something odd where Zero was dashing in or something and when I hit him and killed him I couldn’t dash forward with frank because it kept pushing me back.