Would you fight a lesbian?

im not talking about your girly lesbians, im talking about the man dykes aka abobobo’s from double dragon rough neck’s

"if she wants to be a man, then she’d better learn to hold an L like one"
I got into a disagreement with one who liked penguin from batman…danny devito style and she threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t give her girl some napkins because their werent any available in the dispenser. It would have been the mcdonalds situation all over again but I work in a hospital so she would have had quick medical treatment and I could have been a youtube star…sighs oh well

this thread lost all credibility when you included fighting-game oriented jokes.


Let this man be your guide.

^perfect example^

chivalry is dead nigga. A bitch can get her ass beat in 2012

Seriously, I have a co-worker who bounces at a nightclub, and he told me how black dykes (unlike the other dykes, black dykes can often be mistaken for chubby dudes instead of a chubby chick trying to LOOK like a dude) try to act just as hard as black dudes, and what happens when they both compete for the same chick. Dyke with deep voice dissed dude and shoved him, dude swung on “him”, making “him” turn away to protect the grill then did the old bearhug ‘n’ bodyslam from the side. Then he starts to stomping and a high-pitched shriek is heard, followed by “STOP! I’m a GIRL!!” Total dbza Dodoria moment for EVERYONE in the club that night, I’m told.

He should have used EX Patriot Circle

Holy crap: mute the sound and play The Touch by Stan Bush. Epic.

I’d fight anyone if they pissed me off enough.

lol! They jump over the counter, things looking grim until…

he grabs stick in slow motion

“You got da touch…dada-da—da…”

he swings, taking one down in slow mo


You fight people who like the penguin?

Self defense is self defense. ( I’m a girl btw.)

I think it’s wrong to center violence toward lesbians.

All women are equal under the fist.

Yeah, she’d get her ass beat too. A person’s gender shouldn’t protect them from a beating if they deserve it. I love it when you see people finding out the hard way that nobody is really above receiving an ass-whoopin’.

*y’know, I’ve never had the opportunity to powerbomb someone… it would be so incredibly satisfying to do that one day…preferably through a table. Then of course I’d be obligated to keep them pinned while an acting “ref” slides over to give a 3-count, then my theme music plays.

I initially thought this thread said “Would you fuck a lesbian?” to which the answer was originally yes, then I read the OP.

No, I would not.

(fuck a manly lesbian, that is)

Slaps are fine. But if i feel knuckles someones getting sent to the hospital real fuckin quick. It just annoys me how women advocate all that equality shit but if you hit em back its wrong. How the fuck are we equal if I can’t beat you down in self defense just because you’re a girl? That logic has had me scratchin my head for awhile

Look like she ordered the McBeating with extra cheese.

Actually what the hell was he using? Also was the lesbian gettin beat or giving the beating? They both look like dudes.

Not the kind to look for a fight but I’m not going to sit there and take it if I’m getting beat up by anyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference.

All of a sudden someone is supposed to stop because you want to pull the bitch card. This is the mentality that is fucking up America.

wtf? this nigga edited out the “4-hit combo” and “turtle that bitch” in his original post.