Would you fight a lesbian?

Don’t. They might have this card

I actually power-bombed someone before. Trust me when I say its as satisfying as it looks.

Yes, as long as at least one of us was naked and she called me a filthy pig while she bashed my face in with her big, strong hands.

I tend to walk away from a fight if I can, but if there’s no other alternative (aka I’m super pissed and other person provokes me) I’ll strike without any second thought.

Hitting a female has always been a big taboo in most societies, but if a dyke wants to dress and act like a man then she better be willing to take a punch like one.

I would fight a lesbian just about as readily as I’d fight anybody else… which is not readily.

Fighting is stupid.


Unless it’s Lane Pryce and Pete Campbell. Then it’s awesome.

Let’s go. Right now.

This thread is fucking retarded



More like extra salt.

That doesn’t show the whole video. She yelled and made a scene for awhile before she climbed over the counter. She deserved it imo.

Anyway, yes, I would fight a dyke, because then I would get to feel some titties as much as I wanted to and could say it was in self defense. It does’nt matter whose titties you are touching, or what they look like on the outside, titties all feel the same on the inside of your hand and they always feel good.

My coworker is a lipstick dyke, pretty fuckin hot, but she talks like a bro. Its a weird mix. Maybe its a new generation thing because she just turned 22 and maybe now dykes feel they can be the assertive masculine ones on the relationship, and be pretty. I am all for it. I would totally fight her too, because her titties are rockin and she shows them off everyday damn her. I think are lipstick lesbians are secretly bi though, cause she has done some flirtatious ass stuff to me. Maybe its just to tease me. I dont know. titties.


Oh I know. If I recall them girls were trying to give the dude a fake $50 or something.

This brings up the question: would you fuck the dyke that you just fought?

if she looks like a man then yea, cause all i can say is she look like a male dude.

I’ll foight 'em, fella.

I wouldn’t cause i’d probably lose ~.~

Lesbians are miserable creatures, so why the hell not.

A gay dude hell no, gay dudes are awesome.

judging by my current employer sonic drive-in. it looks like he was using a steel rod that we use to help drain the fryers it has a rectangle handle and bends at a 90 degree angle at the end to help loosen the clogs in the bottom of the fryers, yeah swinging that bitch around with rage,youre gonna get some battle scars, nigga should have dipped it in the fryer before he started swinging, lol

Put this on a bumper sticker. I’d buy 10