Would you guys rather see a 2.5d KOF XII?

I was watching this vid

I expected more fluid animation, higher amount of in between frames. I think the high rez 2d sprites are beautiful, but nothing that couldn’t be rendered in full 3d.

With that said, the animation is choppy, Andy doesn’t breath in the gameplay, when characters fall or get up there are only 3-4 frames and the time and budget it took to draw all the sprites makes me wonder if it was worth the trouble, rather than going 3d.

The gameplay is king and I love hand drawn sprites it adds a lot of zest to the style. In motion the game looks 3d and I’m sure a lot of noobs won’t even know it’s 2d but again the choppy sprites make the game look a little undeveloped. I am starting to wonder if it’s worth it to stay in the 2d realm, now that 3d technology is so advanced. If this game came out on the ps2, i’d be really impressed but not so much on the ps3.

Well, if the game sells maybe the next game will have more frames rather than more characters or maybe both that would be awesome.

It didn’t work with Maximum Impact, it won’t work with Main KOFs.

Overanimation is something that can be easier to fix in 2d than in 3d, 2d Fighters should stay 2D. Thats all.

There already is one dude, it’s called KoF:MI. I only played the first one but it seemed pretty decent albeit horribly broken. Pretty evident they didn’t even try and balance it as they just put a 10 hit cap on combos so you couldn’t do one of the many infinites.

I’m not too familiar with MI

but wasn’t that full 3d?

I strongly prefer 2D. I really like the approach SNK took with the visuals in this game. Wish SF would have done the same.

No, it was pretty much completely 2D with a sidestep button.

And a broken engine.

All 2.5D fighters should play like Rival Schools imo…

I see you posted on that video about “only ethnic srk fanfags” playing SF4. :confused: What’s that about, dude?

I really hope you didn’t register on these forums just to post some random ass train of thought you had…

Look at the comments on that link, some real dumbasses that do not understand the process and hardwork it takes to create such a fighter like KOF12. Its really sad.

No to 2.5D, we already have SF4.

what does what I post over there have to do with what I post over here?

and no I do not dig the SFIV scene…

back to the topic:

what if they made the game like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom rather than SFIV?

3d bg, 3d sprites, no sidestep, completely 2d setup true to KOF fighting style

hedonist [-1]
Posted 7-27-2009 4:02pm

That you have no idea what you are talking about.

Once its 3d, it will never be true to KOF fighting style. Sprites can do things that Models can’t do when it comes to 2d fighters.

like what? look at TvC it plays just as you would expect MvC to play. And they are cell shaded 3d models.

@ guy above

what do you mean I don’t know what I’m talking about? Do you think this game won’t be $20 within a couple of months? Within a month it will be $39 at target. This game will go almost straight to the bargain bin… unfortunately. The hand drawn sprites are beautiful and it does look like way more fun than SFIV. That is my opinion, deal.

Any reason why TvC is more “true to the KOF style” than SF4 is?

I’m with Projectjustice, it just seems like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mods close this shit.

TvC feels completely 2d even though it uses all 3d elements. SFIV feels like a 3d game like VF except it’s locked into a 2d plane. I am not an expert but these are the impressions I get playing the games and watching the videos.

Imagine if they made a MvC3, it will probably be in 3d. But it will probably handle exactly like MvC2. That’s my point, they could have made KOF XII fully 3d true to KOF gameplay style and I wanted to get a consensus if hardcore SNK fans feel it would hinder or improve gameplay if done correctly (unlike crappy MI.)

Someone close this topic please.

listen if you don’t want to discuss the topic then leave. I am sick of posting in forums where hardcore elitist pricks always shit up threads


I still don’t like SFIV’s aesthetic either. Really wish it was purely 2D.

yeah man me too but that’s the way it’s going to be in the future. No more HD hand drawn games.