Would you guys recomend japanvideogames.com?

hi guys, this is my first thread and i was donering if somebody here could give a brief review about this web page.

thanx for the attention

bye :wgrin:

There not bad a little over priced I purchased a HRAP off them a few months ago They have have been around for a while now prolly one of the top 3 place to purchase Japanese games online

I placed my order for 2 Amazon HRAP 2 sticks on Sunday and they showed up on Wednesday. They even called to make sure there would be somebody home on Wed to sign for it. If you find something worth the price then I’d recommend them.

thanx guys for responding me so fast, i am definitely going to buy a couple of video games from them.



ya a bit pricey but they have been around for a long time, I got most of my imports from them back in the psx/ss days.
when I am in the area I still stop by and pick something up, they have a small place but lot of stuff in it.