Would you have preffered a Summer release date with more content?

I see a lot of people complaining about the lack of modes/features in MvC3. I have to agree that the game does feel lacking and unfinished in many of these areas.

Would you have preferred the release to be delayed until June, for a more complete version of the game?

Yes. Though the game is great. I think that evo would be affected somehow.

I voted no because i couldn’t last that long, but the game is pretty much barebones. I would have preferred more modes and SPECTATOR! Survival and time trial is so easy to implement it in the code i just don’t understand why they didn’t.

This game is pretty much training mode for me

i voted no, since it’s all on disc, capcoms just going to charge you to unlock it

which of course, is their absolute right as the business and we as the consumer agreed to that when we purchased the game

and if anyone thinks im serious they deserve a fucking punch in the face

The online is ridiculous considering the standard set with SSFIV. I voted “no”, however, since the gameplay is awesome and hopefully the online features will be in a future patch, just like what happened in vanilla SF4 and SSFIV.

People want survival and time trial, really? Lol.

yes but its not about the content and more about kinks in the gameplay that could have been fixed, IMO.
a pushed back release date WITH A DEMO and capcom willing to listen to feedback from said demo could have possibly solved what i’m talking about.

I don’t care about extra content, it’s just annoying that the online sucks, and I don’t think a summer release date could have fixed that.

yeah this game is pretty much combos.

so sf4 set the bar for net code?

lol, no wonder capcom seems confused by whats good net code. If there is any net code that set the bar, its GGPO. Not lag fighter 4 which uses the exact same net code that 99% of players hate, input delay.

If it meant that the game would have been better online, I would of waited till summer. I don’t really care for time trial mode, or whatever garbage mode you could come up with. Those are just arbitrary. What matters the most is versus mode, a great training mode and superior net play. I would get rid of the mission crap if it meant capcom would spend more time tweaking the net code.

seriously, how many times are you gonna play survival or score attack mode? that shit is fucking stupid and its taking up time from other parts of the game that could benefit.

^ A delayed game would probably just have had shadow/spectator/replay mode already available… so … meh. They wouldn’t have spent very much more time on netcode, maybe a little bit to fix the dropped game bugs, but the meat of the netplay itself would have been the same. They wouldn’t have spent more money on the core netcode because they know they can get away with SF4’s netcode without losing too much.

they would spend more time on net code if we can get the idiots to stop posting about what they want. Capcomunity has about a 400 post thread about why megaman SHOULD still be in mvc3 as DLC that was created this month. My thread about the net code lasted 2 days with 15 posts.

Thats the main problem with the community. The fan boy shit is killing the way these games play online cause the developers are so busy trying to implement what they want that when its time for actual progress none can be made. If all the people bitching about why megaman isn’t in mvc3 were bitching about the net code, don’t you think things would change?

The game had to ship sometime. Financial and logistical constraints obviously won out. But if you judge the game by its core (you know, the bits between “FIGHT” and “KO”), that’s clearly a complete, solid package. That’s the most important part. The rest is gravy … and while the gravy we’ve got is a bit bland and lumpy they’re clearly going to address some of those issues via patches/dlc. So … whatever.

if capcom could release better netcode as paid DLC theyd listen more. why do you think every show and location test they had they sat there with cheesy grins going “WHO DO YOU WANT IN THE GAME?” instead of asking “how would you like your netplay?” because they wanna know who they can milk the fans for with on disc “DLC”

Voted yes.

This game is incredibly fun but the whole online experience is beyond lacking regardless of if they intend on patching it at some undisclosed time in the future. It really just doesn’t feel finished.

i voted for no, cuz i think the game is very complete,people are mad cuz of the lot of characters lost in the process from mvc2 to mvc3 but mostly of them are going to be dlc of course

survival is fun but i can deal without it,in any case the win streak system is there for something is you want to play a really cool survival play ranked match and lets see how far you get without lose

what i want them to fix is sentinel and of course improve the online, i know im a rookie player but still even players like me can se the op in the char,idk if they can fix that with patch but lets wait, the online they NEED to fix it

oh yeah i forgot, the spectator mode its even more necesary than any fucking megaman >___> being in a 8 players room is a nightmare

i woulda loved more characters but i really couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so i voted no. I’m willing to bet there will be a new version next year or a year and a half from now with like 20 more characters ish. I know this isn’t SF where u get things like champsionship edition but there’s always a first time for something.

I’m callin it right now. MvC3 Hyper edition. 56 characters

Capcom’s also a business bro. Only one thing they use to listen. Their wallets.

You want to make a statement? Refuse to buy any GOOD games from them with shit netcode. A game will have to be a sacrificial lamb if anything will be done, because as it is now, if a game is good enough, people will get it irregardless of the netcode. Only way they’ll listen is if having shit netcode will TRULY hurt sales.

Are you willing to sacrifice a good game, a REALLY good game (I’m not talking about MvC3, too late for that obviously. I mean down the road), to finally remedy the netcode? If yes, you’re going to have to convince a lot more people.

this game is pretty much meant for offline anyways, i just gotta make friends with peeps who actually play FGs in my area

Well, considering the fact that I’m STILL waiting on my copy, I’d say yes.