Would You Hit It? The $7000 Talking Sex Robot


no more excuses US SF players

That thing is really fucking ugly and my hand is free.

Kinda looks like Molly Shannon with lots of makeup.

if i had the money and was single i would probably do it just to see. i been wanting some sorta holo or virtua chick ever since i seen star trek with patrick stewart. that holodeck had so much potential.

Down Syndrome?

The inventor looks like he built that techno-breezy out of necessity. Creeper status on the real.

Wow someonce like princess beatrice ALOT! http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/10_03/beatriceDM1910_468x574.jpg

Hm. Not sure if want.

LoL. Just playin’. This shit is ridiculous!

I saw the picture of the inventor and sperminator…figures.

I’ve wondered about the Holodeck…like if you nut in a holgram, will it just fall on the ground?
If that is the case, I don’t want to be the next person using that room.

I didn’t even need to see a picture.

You build a sex robot, you’re a fucking creepy motherfucker.

Yeah lemme pay $7k for something I’d have to put a paper bag over.

the real dolls look better, but they are 10k

i will pass on the robots and on the dolls

the real dolls look better, but they are 10k

i will pass on the robots and on the dolls

A fake vagina costs less and is easier to hide. Shit, how are you going to explain you spent 7 G’s on that creepy looking thing?

This thing better have a vibrating tongue.

spits out chicken nugget

The clown that created it looks mad lonely.

He probably eats that robot pussy until he burps. :lol:

America beat Japan to the punch, America fuck yeah! USA! USA! USA!

That… thing in the pic will haunt my dreams forever.

The robot’s pretty ugly too.

the world’s most sophisticated talking female sex robot is the world’s most expensive ugly woman. fools need to learn how to take notes.

and it seems like it’s always some creepy looking balding white guy :rofl:

If it had some better legs Shaft would do more than take a second glance. AMIRITE?

Don’t worry Shaft. No hate. You posted some good stories. Or do I have you confused with someone else…