Would You Let Your S/O Go Through Your Cell Phone?

Question in the title.

Keep in mind this is just to go through your phone, not to use it in an emergency or anything. So please don’t bring that point up.

I want more people’s opinions and the Relationship thread is pretty dead. Vote below.

She gotta see what other options i got on the phone to keep her in check.

Maybe. Depends what I currently have on it.

Yea, easy. I demand the same in return.

Yeah, she can, but she knows what she is getting. Nothing. I talk to little to no one, and im far from my home where all my friends live. I constantly delete everything in paranoia of being the victim of someone exploiting some basic shit from a service i use, and im honest.

I had previous girls go through my phone before. Ive told my story about one catching me cheating on some pure randomness because she went through my phone, and it was the one time i decided not to lock it.

I’m too old to be a part of the whole, “Oh shit did i leave my phone” shit that niggas make memes and vines about. I remember it thoroughly, but its just tasking. **I’d rather leave my girlfriend then spend countless time dedicated to making sure i delete messages, lock my phone, use code, ect… **

Will the results of this poll determine whether or not you lose an argument with your lady?

No. She would see SRK bookmarked on my browser and that would be the end of it.

Been with my girl for five years now, and known her longer than that. I don’t really care, and there isn’t much i got to hide either way.

Would you be auto logged in, so she knows your username? I havent even told my story about the same ex randomly finding out my name here, when i was making threads about hos, and how these bitches aint shit. lol. We were apart, but it wasnt a good look. I loved her alot, so i always let my guard down thinking shes different than other girls, even when i have been in the wrong, and got pwnd for it. lol, smh.

Sorry ladies, the other side of men is testosterone fueled, and sometimes we gotta get online and rant about it if we cannot do it offline.

Like, there have been plenty of times some shits been in my phone that was me typing in anger from a previous argument, and doesnt reflect how i fully feel about her.

Oh, she knows I’m Chadouken, and she actually made my avatar while playing with the Southpark website one night. I liked it so I stole it. But honestly, she’d rather not come to GD anyway, and I’m more than fine with that.

She knows me- we’ve been together for almost eight years now, and I doubt anything would actually surprise her. But I’d rather her not see me joking about fucking my step sister and telling racist jokes or talking about girls with big titties and all that.

We have been together for about 10 years

I have zero to hide, and she already does use my phone. But she has the courtesy to ask me.

This is me.


Wow jimmy1200 is gay to the surprise of nobody

I prefer to be asked.

Yurp to da purp

The irony here is so mindbending I think I actually got a headache from it.

No. Cause allowing her to go thru it would prove nothing…if im hiding some shit then im hiding some shit well past what the casual browse thru my cell phone would ever unearth. And most of the time if a girl wants to dig all thru your shit, its usually cause shes hiding some shit her damn self that she wants to see if she can justify by finding dirt on your end. I’d never attempt to screen or dictate the relationships of a woman im dealing with and i expect the same respect and benefit of the doubt from her

Haha what the fuck did u even just say

“U wont find anything thats why youre not allowed to look”

LMFAO man people are so predictable

It’s not cheating if it’s only a handjob so I have nothing to hide.