Would you like core changes to V-triggers to be used as a way of balancing?


This is something that i have been thinking about for a while now, i will say since a month ago when i switched to Chun-Li as a main.

I have noticed how powerful Chun’s V-trigger is, it is an absolutely fantastic tool and is very fun to use. The ability to almost link anything to anything and how buttery smooth her combos and mixups feel in V-trigger plus how long it stays active for, really made me think of how balanced it is. If Capcom were to nerf Chun-Li, i would think her V-trigger would be something they will look at heavily, they could reduce the active duration on it or something.

What if they made her V-trigger a 3 bars ability to activate instead of two ?

It really makes you think about 2 bars vs 3 bars V-triggers and how generally 3 bars ones are supposed to be super good when in practice many of the 2 bars ones are fantastic ( Mika, Chun, etc,ect ). I also can’t help but notice that 5 of the 6 DLC characters have 3 bars V-triggers.

Should something like that be considered for future balancing instead of the usual reduction in damage, timer,etc,etc

Would you like a gimped version of a current V-trigger OR a more strict activation requirements for a better one ?

I think the same could be said for buffs, imagine how much stronger would Bison or Birdie be with a 2 bars V-triggers instead of 3 ?


I have the feeling some 2 bars V-Trigger will become 3 after Capcom Cup.


I think having selectable V Triggers could be interesting. Just like selecting super arts in 3s or Ultras in SSFIV. Would give characters new tools to play around with and you could choose certain ones depending on what the matchup calls for.


Wouldn’t it be more interesting if it was selectable V-systems since it seems to me that characters’s V-skill and V-reversals are balanced around their V-triggers. Ken has an amazing V-trigger but have very hard time building V-bar with his V-skill. What if he had a slightly worse V-trigger but a more efficient meter building V-skill.

That would really spice how the characters currently functions.


Yup that makes alot of sense actually. You could have alot of fun with V Reversals. Everyone could have one escape V Reversal like Vega and Nash aswell as a physical hit V Reversal like most of the cast currently has. Maybe have more command grab V Reversals like Mikas.


Bison’s V Trigger is too strong to make 2 bars. If you want to buff him, do it in other ways.


I would class Nash’s as an escape, where he can get out of the corner. Vega does a back flip and not a real good idea to do it in the corner. It might help, but people who know what they are doing will punish that super quick.

The ability to change would be cool. Give Vega an attack VS a backflip (something he did in every game with triple punch or kick) and I would do more reversals.


Maybe characters can choose to activate vtrigger with 2 instead of 3 bars, 1 instead of 2, and get a weaker version or shorter version.


Don’t want a gimped version of chuns v trigger, fuck no.


But activation means potentially making an otherwise very unsafe button safe… And how would that work for a v trigger like Nash’s or Necalli’s?

Overall, something like that just wouldn’t work.


I’d rather they went through and overhauled most of the V. Skills to be more powerful and at the very least far less bland. The V system was meant to be SFV’s thing but for the most part it is just stuff that would be command normals or specials in any other game.


Not a fan of selectable anything, because there is always an optimal selection that beats out the rest.

Make one version of each character and make it the best, most robust and complete it can be. Then balance everything around it.

So if a V trigger or V skill is bad, tweak them or just change them completely.

Also add a second v reversal because that makes perfect sense.


they should do that changing the V-skills instead. Some characters never use them and a slightly better one could make all the difference in some matchups.


Yeah, totally agreed. I want two V-reversals too, so we don’t press entirely wrong with characters we don’t usually play, and so there’s just a little more variety in the way each character can V-reversal too.

I totally fucking dug this character in your avatar from Ibuki’s story-mode too - the asshole prick-laughter is so well illustrated here.



If you’re gonna design a new V-trigger/skill, then just add a new character.