Would you like it if if Marvel went back to being a 1v1 fighter?

What if Marvel went back to being 1v1 ala MSH? Provided that they were to design with a focus on balance and normal fighting game fundamentals. Think of it being in the style of a more hyperactive SF4.

I don’t care if it’s 3v3, 1v1, or 20v20 as long as the mechanics work well.

but 20v20 would be hype as fuck.

If it’s fun, I would play it.

If it played like mvc2 and below. yes.


Yes, please!!!

MSH is a completely different beast than the newer Marvel games so honestly I’d consider it a different beast altogether.

So I’d think of it less as Marvel returning to 1v1 as MSH just continuing as a series while MvC is still around on the side. When Marvel is used, it’s the Vs. Series being referred to, while MSH is MSH.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind a new MSH, and honestly it wouldn’t hurt for Capcom to do one provided they get their hands on the Marvel license again. Gives them another IP to make money off of without having to be held to that Marvel 2 standard and not having to make ANOTHER crossover.

If its optional then yes.

The point of Marvel is to be broken and fun.
If it was like a Street Fighter game with super jumping, wave dashing, and patches every time somebody bitched, then fuck no.
I’ll just play King of Fighters instead.

Quoted for truthiness.

You know… to add to it, you can’t make a 1 on 1 game as broken as a Marvel game and still have it fun and competitive. You know how people rage as soon as somebody pulls an infinite off in MSH? Yeah, that doesn’t happen NEARLY as much in MvC, MvC2, or UMvC3. Why? You’re like, “Motherfucker, I still got another two characters and I’m going to beat your fucking ass” Get an infinite in MSH, you’re done… and you have to sit there for half a fucking hour for the infinite to finish… It’s like when people get infinites off in Alpha 3… Why even bother playing that trash?

I have not been able to describe why I disliked Marvel 3 in simple terms, until now. Thank you.

I’d like a 1v1 Marvel only fighter similar to the first game. And keep the Vs series a separate series in general. Think it would be super cool.

lots of niggas here dont play Vs games i see, and im criticizing because anything pre mvc2 is free to play online with great netcode, and the rest you know whatsup.

1v1 with 2 out of 3 and a cast of at least 20 wold be okay, but really, the Vs series has long needed to get back to 2v2 no assist or limited assist. mvc2 is a masterpiece in its on way, but really kind of a pile of shit. mvc2 didnt really fix any problems, gave you 3v3 with infinite assist that recharge fast, and nerfed the shit out of the cast except like 3. it had an atrociously low amount of creative insight and foresight.

1v1 with 2 out of 3 in game rounds is cool, but the game mechanics will only offer you but so much. msh is only hype to see outrageous infinites, and then it fails to entertain much outside of that. xvsf is really where devs should be looking to develop off of for the next Vs game. the game is beyond fun, and outside of a few character specific things, the only two things fucked up about it are wavedashing and infinites, but the infinites are the easiest shit to soft ban to a certain amount of reps. if you dont understand that previous statement at all, then stfu and dont reply to me.

the fucked up thing is that the Vs series has never given two fucks about quality over whatever the fuck else. its really just companies taking a big fat shit on all its consumers as usual, but we still buy it up like a bunch of pussy ass sheep, and these days we go on streams and still hype up big flaming piles of shit. it was understandable back in the day when we didnt know any better, but now we do, and we still support it like its hype and not straight trash, because broke ass gamers are trying to market themselves. lol. anyways

id like to see a game based off of xvsf or really even mvc1. 2 characters and limited assist. its hard for capcom to sell itself on gameplay alone. capcom gameplay has never really been good, and this is one of the great things that the new stream of players in 09 have brought, is a vast change in opinion. most of the people streaming opinions into your mine via commentary usually either suck, dont really play, or are muting themselves for their own broke nigga agenda. capcom has a fairly atrocious history gameplay wise. fuck what you heard

3v3, unlimited assist is too much of a cluster fuck. you can barely enjoy actual strategy in that type of game. you could barely enjoy it in mvc2 without being ridiculously top tier, which still didnt matter, or by playing a matchup that favored it, and its even less enjoyable in umvc3. people have to give niggas like omgitzandre props in umvc3 cause he makes top 8 often enough, when his playstyle would never work in any previous Vs games, because its so poor and scrubby. it only works in the worst Vs game of them all, umvc3.

i play mvc1 and xvsf a lot, and msh every now and then, and i assure you the Vs series best game is xvsf, followed by mvc2, then mvc1 and whatever else. any other opinion is most likely horridly simplistic and wrong.

the fact of the matter is, the masses are too brainwashed by 3v3 Vs game nonsense. we could only sell a 1v1 or preferrably a 2v2 with a bunch of bullshit gimmicks, and no one outside of capcom is trying to fulfill that Vs game void.

so basically capcom is the worst, equivalent to satan, and you will never get your Vs game dreams fulfilled unless you get rich and fund the project yourself. oh, and if you do, dont make it like fucking skullgirls. lol

maybe its a nerd thing, but this is the only nerdy community im a part of, as a nerd myself to an extent, but like the fgc has some of the worst opinions, tells some of the most blatant lies, and its really just norm. all other logic is argued with fast typing and ignoring the facts to tell us some old ass booty dust story that disregards actual gameplay failures.

also no, fuck 1v1, 2v2 no assist or limited assist

also, before anyone brings up tvc vs me. i played vanilla extensively, and although a fun game even with uas, it severely lacks creativity and any acknowledgement of previous Vs games. if anything it helped further the more broken and unthought out bullshit of the mvc3 series. lol


Marvel going back to 1v1 is like Phantasy Star returning to single-player: it’s just not gonna happen. Marvel and Capcom see the popularity of the Vs. games. Besides, there are plenty of 1v1 games to play so Marvel returning to 1v1 isn’t really necessary. Team fighters aren’t exactly common in comparison to singles.

Most certainly yes. I got tired of having to shove down my throat and learn 3 characters all at once. Hence, why I could never keep up and stopped. And I wouldn’t mind a game that plays like MVC3 w/o teams and nothing but Marvel characters.


I would like Marvel if it went back to Mahvel.

Then you should know that XvSF became just more and more unplayable the more people learned to play Storm.