Would you like the parry back in SF5?


It was an interesting mechanic and added a new layer to the game. Would focus attacks and parrying cause gameplay conflict though?


Haha, nice save. I was just about to reply.


lollllll! Oh gosh you don’t know how stupid I feel. I only read Ken and Ryu’s and Juri’s, and I was like, oh this could be legit. Then I read all the others and the truth dawned upon me. fml.


do you want answers to this topic? can’t tell from the last few posts.

anyway IMO FA and parry are pretty close to the same mechanic just with small variations based on how they are implemented. it seems like in concept the game designers wanted them to fill the same role - give characters an answer to zoning and ridiculous pokes. because of how they work parry has a bigger impact on the overall game. 3s is 3s because of parry and how most things are unsafe on parry or block. SF4 would be different without FA but it wouldn’t be a completely different game.


i personally would like to see a new game with only ex meter, no super or ultra, gems, parrys, or focus attacks, 8 characters. i dont think most people want this though.


No clue wtf those first 3 posts are on about.

I like focus attack dash cancels, but not a huge fan of focus attacks. I don’t like the parry mechanic at all unless there’s some meter usage involved. I love the alpha counter mechanic.


Maybe if parrying let you at neutral or just gave you a slight frame advantage (nothing to severely punish) against moves that are +hit on block, I’d be okay with it. But I’m just someone stating his opinion.




^What he said. Sorry, was never a fan of the parry mechanic though it definitely gives SF3 its own flavor. Focus attacks are kind of lame, and kind of sloppily implemented. Alpha counters were actually pretty cool.

What Mike Robertson suggested would be great, however I would want more characters.


yeah i loved alpha counters too i really would just love alpha 4 I just like the idea of having less characters because it makes for better balance in a competitive environment but it would probably get boring a lot more quickly too so theres ups and downs to it. Maybe 20 is a better number.

My roster would have the ryu, ken, honda, blanka, zangief, chun, sagat, bison, rufus, viper, yun, makoto, d. dark, skullo, sakura, rose, charlie, guy, and 2 new characters for 20


Nope, no parry.
I also agree with a smaller rooster - I think Sf4 vanilla with 25th characters was perfect.
Ryu, Ken, Akuma (can’t be helped), Adon, Fei Long, Honda, Abel, Vega, Balrog, Guile, Sagat, Chun Li, Bison, Gen, Cody, Zangief, Dhalsim, Dudley, Sakura, Makoto, Hawk, Dee Jay +3 new chars.


Horrible :~


Hmm with reduced roster, Ryu should be the only shoto…possibly Sakura. For SF5 I would hope for Ryu being the only returning character from previous games, Ken’s son, and a fresh new cast. However that will never happen, though Ken’s son may make it in a game. If I included 20 returning characters

Ryu, Juri, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Zangief, Makoto, Ibuki, Claw, Dictator, Boxer, Gen, Karin, Guile, Yang, Viper, Fei Long, Rolento, Urien, Blanka, Adon


I like FADCs for the purpose of extending combos, but I don’t like focus in general and especially FADC on reversal. Meter is something that should be (for the most part) spent on offense in my opinion.


I like focus for dashing and just building ultra meter without getting beat up. I think it makes for a nice mobility option. Only some characters can actually use it as an effective counter.

The yolo DP then make it safe with FADC then make a legit combo out of it is pretty dumb. If they were to change that, I wouldn’t completely remove it, though, I’d leave it for some reversals. The only thing I’d completely remove would be DP, confirm it’s being blocked, then FADC like Seth’s. You’re not even using a reversal for what a reversal is for in that case.


I know, no Juri…I like her, but not that much


Same parry system as 3rd strike but have it off by default and allow you to enable it in options.

Two great games in one.


Just make CVS3 so everybody can be happy. Want to play 3rd strike? Pick P-Groove. Prefer OG Capcom fighters style? C-groove. Want that Alpha series CC craziness? A-groove.


Reducing the cast for the next game is a very bad idea, see Tekken 4 as an example, especially after Tekken Tag Tournament which had a large cast. It is kinda sucky, if a personal favored character gets removed, who has also a very interesting gameplay. And a downgrade looks in general always bad, I mean the backlash in media and fanbase would be too high for the devs.


I just dont want ultras in the game, there is no need for a shitty comeback mechanic. If you got outplayed and beaten, then suck it up or make a comeback in an ‘honest’ fashion.

I also want a tech roll because being knocked down and having to stay in place is the most retarded shit as far as balancing a fighter goes, whoever had this idea should be shot (this coming from an Akuma/Bison main mind you)

These 2 things are why I prefer SFxT over SF4 - if not for these idiotic mechanics, SF4 would easily be a much better game IMO (ridiculous reversals aside)