Would you like the parry back in SF5?



SF3 style parrying with the huge window and all was the absolute worst thing to happen to SF. So no, never again please.


3S parries please… Maybe take out air parrying.


Here are the meters I would like. Meter for EX moves and Super like now. Meter is only built by landing hits on opponent, not getting hit nor whiffing moves. Alpha counters take up 2 bars. A stun meter to indicate how close you or your opponent is to getting dizzy. Finally a guard meter, so you can’t block all day. This meter could vary by character.


No, no parries. I’d want meter to be built mostly through offence and slightly through defense, and perhaps the alpha counter mechanic from SFxT/Alpha could also exist. I’d be down for FADC but only in extending combos, not in making bad moves safe. Also, no focus attacks. PLEASE. The simpler the engine the better the game will be.


I’m fine with building EX bar for blocking successfully. Not for getting hit though.

Also, guard meters are a terrible mechanic in my opinion. If you can’t open a player up who has godlike defense well that’s on you to step up your offense.


I prefer great throws that are hard to tech or a great high/low mixup game over a guard bar. guard bar is the most inelegant way of forcing games towards offense and punishing prolonged down back.


I like the guard meter cause it rewards aggressive play that is all. Same reason why I like Guilty Gear’s system which punishes the passive. It encourages both players to be active, you can be defensive but using that to counter.


I want another SF without any kind of meter.

Hurr durr, he has meter, now I can’t do (x, y, z) because his (a, b, c) will counter and/or kill me.

Really, keep that bs to chess and RPGs. The only purpose of ANY meter is to offer a mechanic to abuse and take away from the actual gameplay.


Meter just adds an element of resource management to the game. The only problem with most fighting games is that meter has one clear cut use that is better than everything else.

Like if I have two bars in sf4. I probably wanna keep it for fadc. Best use of that meter almost always.

Or 3s. If you’re chun or Yun throwing away meter on ex is usually a bad decision. Genei Jin way more important than ex special moves.


No parries. Give SF5 a fresh new mechanic for everybody to sink their teeth into.


sure if:

it cost meter >>> successful parry gives back half a meter
has a whiff animation >>> 10 frames
has some startup >>> a frame or 2
cannot be done in the air


The tech roll in SFxT was one of the worst tech rolls known to man kind.


The problem isn’t no roll, it is that these super athletic freaks that have 10 foot verticals, spit fire, break the sound barrier, etc when they fall…they are like a 80 year olds with severe arthritis. They take forever to get off the ground.


No the roll is quite the problem in SFxT. It basically removed too much offense in a game already lacking it.


I haven’t played SFxT. However it is one of the worst tech rolls of all time, it must really hurt the game. I noticed you used the past tense, does that mean it was corrected in the 2013 update?

I was just stating that the problem isn’t that the characters stay in place when knocked down, just that they stay on the ground for such a long period of time. I would never want any type of tech roll in this game.


Heres how tech rolls work in the 2013 version:

-Roll approximately half screen away
-Cant tech a throw for 7 frames after forward roll
-Cant reversal or attack for 9 frames after forward roll

Which pretty much eliminated the whole ‘lets roll to get around and constantly escape pressure or to get in on someone with no consequences’ problem

The 2012 version was probably the biggest mess of a fighting game with loads of imbalanced and glitchy stuff, but 2013 sfxt is easily way more balanced than SF4 as a fighting game, and anyone who says otherwise probably either hasnt put enough time into sfxt to actually understand the game or is just a die hard SF4 fan. I understand that many were driven away by the awful 2012 version of SFxT and are reluctant to even acknowledge the game exists sometimes, but those who stuck by it and learnt the game will know what I mean when I say sfxt 2013 version is a more honest fighter than SF4

The only problem with it is that its a team game, and 1v1 fighters just… i dunno, but they feel better in my opinion.


It has gotten better, but not by much. I personally still hate SFxT just because the mechanics in that game are a mess.

KOF style roll IMO is one of the best implemented. It is good and useful, but you still got to roll smartly to use it.

Actually SFxT is going to be unbalanced by the end of the game’s lifetime. The way the game is designed has the same problem as SF4 where only a select few characters are going to have the tools that are able to open characters up. Everyone else is going to fall into the mediocre category.


Can you elaborate on this? Because honestly I dont quite understand what you mean


The way the game is designed throws are still mediocre, oki is mediocre, heavy pokes suck compared to light/medium pokes since they are harder to confirm off of, and the way the damage is designed it doesn’t give much range to much diversity of damage levels. Overall offense is below average in SFxT.

It greatly limits the type of archetypes that can succeed in the long run. You either need to the ability to open someone up (Pretty much a good high/low game at the moment) or someone who can just pressure you to death with safe confirmable pressure (ala Alisa, Law, etc).

The mechanics that lead to many of the problems in Vanilla SFxT are still there.

Though I think the game is going to die before that actually happens, but the same problem SF4 has SFxT most definitely has. The game limits what works so the characters who can do the few things that do work are going to be well above the rest of the cast.