Would You Like to Contribute Something to the Front Page?

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the front page of SRK gets updated frequently now, with a pretty solid mix of fighting game news, community events, strategy articles, and important announcements. So i’m wondering what kind of stuff would the people of the Shoryuken like to see more of.

For example in terms of strategy articles, if you see something really good on the forums that you think deserves a spotlight on the front page, link it here and i’ll check it out. Obviously there’s a certain format necessary for it to work on the front page: it has to be a standalone article, it has to be clearly written, it has to be helpful, and can’t be excessively offensive.

But yeah, if you guys point out good material, i’ll recommend it to the right people. Because unfortunately this whole anonymous nomination system hasn’t worked out so great so far. Too many childish goons decided to be immature and spam up the system with garbage.

So let’s try another route and work together to make SRK as informative as possible. Because as far as i’m concerned, SRK is and will always be the heart of the fighting game community. My first exposure to it was back when s-kill, omni, ChoiBoy, jchensor and others were posting strategy articles on a regular basis so i want to do my part to bring that back. It would be nice to have a new strategy article on the front page every two days - every day might be a little overkill.

Let’s get those Contrib Medals distributed to the people who deserve them. And if you have something on your mind that you want to write about, don’t be shy. Write it up as a blog post or whatever, and post a link here.

That would be nice to see a character spotlight/profile of SSF4 characters written by top players of those characters…we can even go beyond that and possibly repost character tips from other games like SF3, Marvel, BB, KoF even.

Individually…or in groups.

What about what we don’t want to see cluttering up the front page? Less ‘what’s on your mind’ posts, unless the person is Valle, Wong, or James Chen or someone of that level. And less advertisements for SFIV like the I-Phone and alternative costume posts. Do those really need to be on the front page and not simply posted in the SSFIV section? Half of the SSFIV items on the front page are not necessary anyways, as all of them are put in the stickies in the SSFIV section, a place that can be easily checked.

It’s nice seeing in depth strategies and long mechanic related articles being posted on the first page. But having them get pushed down and wiped off the front page for a SFIV I-Phone application is laughable in my opinion. I value an article by James or Maj far more than a giant “ALTERNATE COSTUME” headline with zero substance in the actual post.

The giant articles that cover in depth and technical feats in actual games are welcome. But having them share real estate on the front page with basically an advertisement for SSFIV containing zero substance is dumb. We are all going to buy SSFIV…calm down SRK…you don’t need to advertise it every minute on the front page.

Put some articles up, like on ST or CvS2 that new members can discover, or preview big SFIV tournaments like God’s Garden with actual deep and lengthy articles and discussions.

VirtuaFighterFour: I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s a lot easier to shoot something down than to offer something constructive. Let’s please not derail the thread into a discussion of “what’s wrong.” Those news posts need to be there because people care about that shit, as evidenced by several fighting game news sites becoming insanely popular recently. There’s no reason for SRK not to post fighting game related news.

The difference is, unlike those other websites, SRK is loaded with actual content hidden in the forums. So we need to figure out a way to get it front and center. It’s really easy to say “Hey James Chen, write something cool!” Trust me, that dude does not have the time to be doing that.

But why do we even need him to write an article about tech throw option selects when there’s already ten perfectly good posts written about the subject? We can’t control what any individual does, but we can find good material that already exists and make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves.

How about rehashing or recomposing certain posts? A lot of people post great information, but many times it’s usually in response to something that’s not directly related, and many times it’s spread over multiple posts. Pulling the information out of that context and reformatting it a little can be very useful, so how would we go about nominating that as front page material? Maybe post the rewrite here?

I personally like the SSF4 announcement posts. Let’s me be up to date with all thew hot SSF4 info. It’s the hot new game right now, and it deserves every single piece of information to be on the front page.

I am not too big on the what’s on your mind posts, but they are alright, lets you know more about the community at least. I also do not agree that it should be about the top players, we already hear enough from them all the time, that section is better off being about the other players, I think that’s sorta the point?

I would like to see more about individual communities in the US. Yes, we know about Cali, the East Coast, but there is so much more. It would be nice to see what is going on in the midwest, the southwest, and others. What games are popular there? How do they feel about SSF4, VF, Tekken, etc. Plus, it would give a chance to expose the community to a wider amount of players. Hell, you can have the leaders of the respective communities write it up. Get an in-depth view of what the scene is really like in those states/regions.

Colorado would be a great place to start.

Just sayin :wonder:

I’d like to see more articles about the more abstract elements of strategy that don’t often get discussed, like the Domination 101 articles and Maj’s footsies handbook. Unfortunately I don’t know if too many people possess the combination of high-level understanding and communicative ability necessary to write such articles.

re: good articles getting knocked off the front page, it would be nice if there were some big buttons on the front page to represent tag filters like news, strategy, etc… the articles promoted to the frontpage from the blogs/forums don’t even seem to have tags, which needs fixing.

I’m psyched on the new method of grabbing up useful posts and popping them up to the main page, I think it’s really working so far.

I’d like to see more of the same for the most part-- more news, more interviews with top (and up and coming) players, more strategy, and more combo challenges (!).

I think you need something that will the attention of valuable members of the community. While generic SSF4 costume posts will always be news, there are a ton of players who are capable of producing content x10 more interesting than that. SRK REALLY NEEDS (imo) to create a clear and distinct line between itself and places like eventshubs. While the forums are the obvious answer, the front page needs to be the one and only source where people will find great material that won’t pop up anywhere else.

I believe there is an element that can be introduced in order to get people to post up creative stuff on the front page. For instance, system nuances or even arcade sticks which are made by people in the community. “What’s on your mind” has a lot of potential, if people who run events (Final Round as of now) get on there and talk about something, it would serve as a good gateway into tournaments as well as community ‘bonding’. Which is what makes SRK’s community special, well, it did anyway. People traveling across the country to play people whom they didnt get along with (rivalries) just for the sake of honor and pride. All that stuff is somewhat recognizable still, however, it should be highlighted as much as possible SINCE SRK is the main place where all that stuff was born. A competitive fighting game community is a very special term that SRK had a great part in developing and making pieces of it, unique to SRK. The events and rivalries have all helped the community build up, giving those things exposure and whatnot is vital, imo.

The SRK Podcast can be used to for a variety of reasons, perhaps something outside of the show? Like call-ins or listeners who contribute win something? I like Maj’s Combo Challenge stuff cause it makes people think of something outside the box. Hopefully more combo video people start showing up to the community as an result of his combo challenges.

Maybe sticky some of the ‘best’ news on the front page somewhere? Like a tab on the side that lists Articles & Anything else that is of value. At the moment the front page has an upcoming events/tournaments side bar, somewhere on the front page a tab with the valuable content that people have produced can be put up so they’re easily accessible. Someone wanted to listen to the podcast that I was in and they had to go down to page 4 to find it. If the SRK podcast had its own tab or something, people can have direct gateways to all the cool stuff. EVEN if those tabs direct them to the forums, it would still be helpful.

I’d like to see articles about cultivating a community and the difference philosophies people have in order to achieve it. Some people prefer to be very exclusive and others prefer to be very inclusive (+mixture of both etc). Sometimes weighing in the history of different people’s attempts at fostering growth can be useful in order to get people to understand the intricacies of building something from scratch. Since SRK is the best place for competitive fighting game stuff, the people who’ve tried to build and organize competitive scenes can weigh in on what worked and what didn’t. I’d also like to read people who’ve been in the community since its beginnings talk about the history of what happened. There was a top SF player by the name of Jeff Shafer (SP?) who had a giant series of videos on youtube of him talking to the camera about the history of the SoCal SF scene. It was really cool to see that kind of stuff, hopefully those kinds of videos start popping up more as it’s very important, in my opinion, that all these new SF4 kids get a history and perspective of what’s been going on before SF4. Most of these new kids had no idea that there was even a fighting game community prior to SF4, so knowledgeable people talking about the history and ‘ways the community works’ would be very cool.

Simply put, give people from other communities a chance to post information pertinent to their games.

I mean, it’s not a problem you’ve ever run into, you know?

( Also, a little leeway to the other regions of the United States would be nice; the Tournaments feed is truly the best thing to come from the site’s overhaul, but I’d like to see the front page yield some of its space to the other non-Californian states of the Union. )

I disagree. When top players say wise stuff we will all read it and it will probably be in the main page as well, but “what’s on your mind” is a different beast.
It shows you a glimpse of the mind of average FG joe that everyone can relate to.
“hey this guy is working on a new tactic with his melty character”
"hey this guy is now working hard to get the money to travel to EVO"
It’s comforting to be aware that there are people out there who are just as passionate as you about their FG hobby. (maybe not for you personally, but for others)
The top players seem much more distant, so they are not as suitable for “what’s on your mind” is trying to do.

Actually i wouldn’t even mind doing this myself, but i need someone to point me directly to a series of posts that’s worth reorganizing into an article. I mean i try to find good material on my own, but SRK is simply too big for one person to sift through alone.

Do it! Write up a piece about your scene. It’s up to you what you want to write about but here are the things i’d personally enjoy reading about:

What are the most popular games in your area?
Where does everyone in your area gather to play?
Who are the top players in Colorado and how did they get to the top?
What are the dominant play styles in your area?
Are there any specific characters that your local community feels are underrated in widespread tier lists?
Is there anything unique that you guys are doing, in terms of gameplay tactics or even tournament organization?
What do you think the future holds?

Stuff like that. Write it as a blog post or something and i’ll see about getting it promoted to the front page.

Yeah, see, i get the sense that a lot of people feel the same way and i don’t think you’ll know what you’ve got in you until you try. I mean, you might not be able to write a good article about everything but i bet you can write a good article about something!

Speaking of this, we really REALLY REALLY need an article about understanding MBAA written by and for an SF4 player. Cuz MBAA is about to be an Evo title and literally none of us know the first thing about it. If the MBAA community wants to use this opportunity to gain exposure for their game, this would be a good starting point.

Every single time a new Capcom game comes out, someone starts a thread called “___ for ___ players” like “SF4 for 3S players” or whatever. That “MBAA for SF4 players” article is about a month overdue. Somebody get on that please.


and once again there needs to be some kind of ‘strategy’ tab like there was on the old srk way back so there’s actually an archive of this stuff.

Maybe it’s an idea to establish certain series?

Like actually give names and episode numbers to them.
Strategy Corner #1
Look into the Scene of … #4
… for SF4 players #7
Combo Challenge #9

stuff like that. If there are several established series, and players know that they can contribute to it. There is a bit more direction to what they ‘could’ write. Even then they could still write their own ideas. But this might give ideas like ‘wow that series is really cool, and I have something to contribute!’

Just an idea.


For HDR but works for any fighting game.

amro: Nice! Thank you sir. He misinterpreted Newton’s quote just like everyone else does, but great article nonetheless.

sirlinfan69: Thanks dude. I’d seen that already but i was gonna save it for later since there are already two Mariodood posts up on the front page this week.


ok seriously this shit needs to stop (not transphobic)

i thought sakura.densetsu was run out of this forum a long ass time ago? well then

I honestly could not care less. I’m sure Keits has a reason for doing those spotlights and it doesn’t concern me. Some of them are even fun to read.

Can we please focus on making a positive impact instead of griping about what someone else is doing?