Would you like to see a Darkstalkers VS. Streetfighter game?

I think it’s time that capcom go ahead and milk this idea while 2D fighters are still fresh in our blood. SNK has allready done something similar. Also, seeing how they lost the rights to the Marvel characters and won’t be doing a Mvs.C3. They might as well suck a few more dollars out of us. The game should be built from the ground up. It should either use SF3 style graphics or something similar to GGXX. The battle system would be nice if they go back to the magic system so the scrubs can pick up on it easily. They should also use the full roster of FIGTHING GAME CHARACTERS (only) from both sides. As well as including that witch chic from puzzle fighter as seeing how she can’t help but be mistaken as a Dark Stalker. You should be able to choose ISM’s or Savior modes for both sets of characters.

It can be tag style like MvsC2 so the actions will be over the top. I don’t think their will be to many broken charcters on the roster. But a few do come to mind on the Darkstalker side. Those being Q’Bee and Jedah. The boss could be A 5 vs 2 match. It would be you against the 5 icarnations of Pyron. The ones they show from the SNK vs. Capcom Chaos ending. I think that would make for a pretty good game. What do you all think, what else would you add or change about it?


In an old issue of EGM (7 or so months after Xmen vs Street Fighter, I think) Quartermann said that Capcom hinted they were working on Darkstalkers vs Streetfighter. Of course, nothing ever panned out.

Darkstalkers = Street Fighter in drag

Good idea since I never really got into any of the other vs. games and when I tryed I was too much of a beginner to even compete so it would be nice.

By the way like the Av.:tup:

I think street fighter vs DS would be cool.

R.I.P. EDDIE GUERRERO:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Damn, wish I could have saw that issue. But thanks to the internet, I’ll never buy another game magazine. I just look at the stuff on the covers and look up what I want when I get home.:bgrin:

To bad they aren’t or may not be working on it. Here is something that I noticed. With computer games, developers actually listen. Especially with online games. They always add patches and fix balance issues as best they can within reason. If only this was a capcom sponsered website so they can listen to us bitch, moan and complain the truth. I don’t think Capcom is even worried about fighters anymore, they seem to be focusing on Resident Evil and a bunch of other crap. They need to go back to their roots and bring us great 2D fighters, shmups/shooters and kick ass sidescrolling beatemups. I look at how Contra has come along (SHATTERED SOLDIER) and how Konami (IMO) keeps putting out decent stuff wow crapcom keeps rehasing crap and forcing shit down our throats. A SF collection would have been nice about 3 years ago. A megaman collection is nice to. But that tells me that you just aren’t working. So once those sold pretty well, what did they do? Well, I’m not sure if they are really acting on it, but I’ve read about rumors of a Megaman X collection. WHOOP DE FUCKING DOO!!! How about they get of their asses and actually make something instead of copying and pasting everydamn thing.

Oops, I seem to have gone of on a rant. Pleas lets try to stick the the subject folks… my bad.


i think capcom fighting evolution… that shit was the closest to darkstalker vs street fighter hahaha!!!

Basically. Evenso, I’ve always seen Rose as a character better suited for the Darkstalker series rather than SF. Her character conveys that of the dark atmosphere which Drstlk harness.

I would like to see ANY fighting game from Capcom at this point

Amen. Seriously, even if it was “Capcom Supper Evolution: Eat for the Future” in which Capcom characters sit down and enjoy an evening meal. Choose your beverage, and let the battle against hunger begin! Who can consume their meal the quickest?

I like the idea, but how could you possibly balance that? I mean, Sasquatch, Zabel, Q-bee, Lei-Lei… all high mobility Vampire char would rule the game.

meh, i’m a sucker for Vampire, so i’d get it anyway.

I would love to see it happen if they really worked on balancing the characters. I love the Darkstalkers series and hate how it’s been mostly overlooked.

With that said. You know what I would really love to see?
Demitri vs. Slayer, fuck yes!

If it included LOTS of characters (like, ALL of the Darkstalkers since there’s only 19 of them (not counting alternate versions and Dee), and most of the Street Fighter characters), lots of fine-tuning for each character (balancing them, but without stripping a character of half of their moves, or giving them odd changes/nerfing them), had a good overall system, and decent presentation (unlike Fighting Jam/Evolution)), then yes, I think it would be a good idea. However, judging by Capcom’s recent efforts, it’s unlikely that they would be able to meet all of these qualifications.

Street Fighter 4: The Monkey Warrior



not that again =p

Abuken lmao. As long as they didn’t rehash sprites I’d be extremely happy.

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I’ll change the rotation, JUST FOR YOU SIR

Who would make it?




no silly, Capcom doesn’t make fighting games.

…actually, I’ve heard rumors that Arc Systems Works might be buying the rights to the darkstalkers characters…but I doubt there’s any truth to it.