Would you marry a woman who made more money than you?


Title is self explanatory and so is poll. If you are against marriage, as I know a lot of you fellows are, replace “marry” with “date”. If you are a homosexual, only vote if you are the one doing most of the penetration. As for me I still lean strongly toward “no” (I made this same thread a few years ago, and my vote back then was also “no”.)



hells yes.


My life goal is to find a hot sugar mama.

This is assuming I actually do get married.


It’d be a dream come true. Have someone like Halle Berry or Alicia Keys as my suga momma.


only if she buys me stuff


my fiancee has a house and a car that she just paid off…

I have my degree…

She has more than me and I am fine with it.


My last girlfriend made almost twice what I made. And yes at the time I would’ve married her had I been given the chance.


Yea sure. I really don’t give a fuck in the long run. This being a big deal is the like the definition of insecurity. Reminds me of when my dad though it was this huge ass deal that his boss was younger then him. Grow the fuck up really.

Honestly financial security is a wonderful thing whether is comes from me or her.


I am married to a woman who makes more than me…


wow so many unanimous “yes” votes. I guess i’ll be the only “no” vote. I remember this was how it ended up last time I made this poll too.


only if she had daddy issues


the ideal woman

OH hell yes I would marry a woman that made more money than I would. A few reasons, one would be that prenupt wouldn’t get her all butt hurt because she would have some expensive stuff that she would claim if shit hits the fan. We live in a world now a days that both partners in the relationship has to earn an income, the whole stay at home parent while the other is bringing in the bread works for sitcoms on TV land. Another reason is that I can be the bitch asking for stupid shit and not the other way around. So all in all, I would be happy in a relationship that she is making a lot more cheddar.

But, in reality, fuck marriage, shit is a joke.


Yes cause I am lazy.


No problem here.

I don’t really want to be with some clingy chick who is solely dependent on me as the sole source of income. I know some guys prefer it that way, but not me.

I already have a dog


It would alleviate a lot of financial problems and shouldn’t cause any relationship problems if the superfluous stuff I buy would come out of my wallet. There shouldn’t be a problem unless I spend way more than I can make.


sure. as we all know, women be shoppin so it’d be great if they were paying for most of the stuff they buy.


I can’t see why anyone would say no. Are you so insecure that you’d feel less of a man for not being the breadwinner? Did you really want to just have your wife at home, barefoot in the kitchen and pregnant?

Personally, I make only a little bit more than my wife. If she made three times what I did, we would both reap the benefits - how could you not want this?


well the main reason i say no is, girls can claim they want equality and all that, but at the end of the day, they still want the dude to pay for dinner. i mean there’s millions of years of evolutionary programming involved here. most girls i’ve talked to will say, “yes i want equality … but i still want the man to provide for me”. its just the female nature.

EDIT: i can’t find it right now, but there was an article written by an article that illustrates my point. this was a blow hard feminist who blabbered on about equality, but then was honest enough to admit she was annoyed at her stay at home husband and eventually divorced him to find a guy who had a job.


It’s a good assumption Jie but it’s not 100% of the cases. I’ll admit I probably dated the exception to the rule but she paid for me about as often as I paid for her. Shit, I mooched off of her more than anything else.


No brother I know has a problem with it, but none of the caucasian guys I know and work with (most are a little bit redneck) would marry a woman who made more than them, and would take immediate action to try to remedy the situation if it came up after marriage, as if something were suddenly wrong with more money coming into the household. Even had a co-worker who loved his job quit and try to find something that paid more, because his “ol’ lady” got a raise and was suddenly making a buck and some change more than him. And now he’s unemployed. It makes no sense…but it is funny to hear these guys try to rationalize it.