Would you mind waiting another year if Capcom could add 50+ characters?

From MTV Multiplayer:

Ryota Niitsuma, Producer for MvC3, on how many character will be in the game - “More than ‘Street Fighter 4.’ ‘Super [Street Fighter 4]’?we’ll see. Right now we’re aiming to have more than 30 characters in the game but we’re still in the middle of development. Going forward to the release date we’ll see how many we can fit in. We’d like to add as many as possible”

Seth Killian - “‘Marvel vs. Capcom 2’ had 15 years of sprites to steal from and just sort of throw them in the game?These [‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3’] characters are all not just brand new, but extremely brand new. This is a brand new engine, purely brand new assets, everything else?Bear with us before we can come up with a final number, because they’re all from scratch.”

From: http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2010/04/20/capcom-aiming-to-have-30-characters-in-marvel-vs-capcom-3/

So how many of you would be willing to wait extra time so that Capcom could reach a higher number a characters. I for sure think that the number of characters in this game should at least be comparable to MvC2…and “roughly 30” is not comparably imo. Don’t get me wrong, even with 30ish I think the game will be great, but I just hate to think of the characters that would might get left out simply due to time constraints. I honestly would just rather wait for capcom to have the turkey fully cooked cuz though I’m hungry I don’t want to eat a meal that’s half cooked…ya dig? Plus once the game comes out, it is OUT. No revisions, no turbo or championship editions with the VS series…so I would really rather see them do it right the first time, since it will be the last mvc game we’ll see for a loooong time to come. How many of you would mind waiting another 6 months? Year? 2 years?

Assuming that capcom will not release other characters later (they said on 4/20 that they had no plans for dlc for this game)

I wouldn’t want to wait at all.

But I’m not all for overloading the roster, so yeah.

I wouldn’t want to wait. Its been 10 years already, so I’m a bit too impatient to wait until 2012. Plus, if they can throw together 20 extra characters in a year, then they may as well put that in a update type thing.

5 years and release the best fighter to ever be played. :smiley:

quality, not quantity.

Hell no. Give us the game, 30 characters at launch, and make an update later for all I care.

Nah man, I feel you on that…I’m just saying that there may be quality characters that wont get in the game due to time constraints. Capcom has already said in multiple interviews that they want to include as many characters as possible. Judging by Killians comments, they are building the game from the ground up, and surely putting time into the characters. So I’m saying are you cool with giving them more time so that you can enjoy an A+ game with 50 characters, as opposed to an A+ game with 30 characters?..keeping in mind that this may be the last dose of mvc you’ll get for the next 10 years.

Also…updates can mess up consistency on the tournament scene. And capcom said they have no plans for dlc for this game.

id be happy with 14 characters or however many were in mvc1, as long as the gameplay is solid. you have to pick and choose your battles here.

id rather have the 4-6 button layout, solid gameplay, than have capcom pull a rushjob, slap marvel characters over tvc style gameplay and hope we dont notice by making the roster 300 characters -_-

i love capcom and i want to give them benefit of the doubt, but this IS a company that used to have a negative rep for taking old sprites, slapping “turbo/super/hyper” on the name and shuffling the same game out to us.

with no foreseeable DLC in the future… [or update?] then MvC3 needs as much TLC as it can get in the present.

I’ld like to start the roster at 45+ and update to 60+ [pseudo SSF4] but I don’t want to wait another 10yrs to get an extra 20 characters… I could wait 10 months though.

because its in 3d, adding knew characters wont be a problem at all. So thats a “no” to your question. we’ve waited too damn long for this game. lol

30 chars is plenty, and an updated title a year or two later is something to look forward to and allows the old cast to be ‘rebalanced’.

Realistically, if 50+ characters would make the cut, a majority of them won’t get played. Real talk.

They said more than 30, so i wouldn’t worry.

All i care is that it’s good. We’ve already waited 10 years.

I think it’s going to be next to impossible for them not to have at least 40 or 45+ characters. If they don’t have E Honda & Chun Li I’ll be severely disappointed it’s a long over due combination for a vs game also Omega Red is a must have Marvel character to me even more so than Wolverine, Spiderman, or Hulk who are also must have’s in my book.

I voted no simply because although I am very much in favor of a humongous roster they are out of practice when it comes to making the versus series. Let Marvel 3 come out, sell the million plus copies you know it will, and let them make the sequel or ‘super’ version which will have system refinements and hopefully a metric shit-ton of characters.

Marvel and Capcom have always done well together. This deal will not last for just one game.There will not be a ten year wait period after this game again unless it defies all logic and tanks.

I could totally wait. If it meant I got a better product in the end then I’m all for it.

Look at Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. I love that game with all my heart but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a lot more characters and tracks.

Stop there.

If you think E. Honda deserves a spot in this game you need to have your brain examined.

I would buy MvC3:FTW next year then a “super” marvel 3 the year afterward

The end of the world is in 2012 so I’ll hardly get any playtime in that case…

Seriously though, I’d rather have them put it out now and release characters via DLC or a “sequel”.

30 is just the right amount.