Would you mod this?

I have seen very amazing modifications here… tables, cardboard boxes, etc. But as far as regular controllers go, people normally stick with the same types: Hori, Agetec, etc. For obvious reasons.


Would you all mod something like this:

I know there are some types people will not touch, but that one doesn’t seem that bad.

Opips would do it

Looks like a nice frisby :wgrin:

Really can’t tell from this angle, the big issue will be clearance; is there enough room to mount a decent joystick?

Also, it looks like the whole thing is made out of plastic. IMO, modding plastic is a pain, dremel work sucks on it and everything feels like its going to break half the time.

I won’t say its an impossible mod, but without more info/pics, can’t really say a yes or no to it.

Thank you all. I will check for some pics.