Would you pay $40 for a game with 12 characters and 8 stages?

$70 for original game
$10 for Jill n Shuma (who were already there)
$10 for shadow battles ( when something like this really should have been included for single player in the first place + it sucks if you bought em cause you cant use em anymore)

So that brings the total to $130 plus tax of course for a complete video game in this age. Is that acceptable? Is that even the end of shelling out $? Doubtful.

This is kind of in response to Keits front page editorial on why its ok to put out unfinished products at full price. As someone who bought the game day 1, I dont feel its fair for capcom to to rape the wallets of their loyal fanbase. So people who dont give a shit and arent behind capcom enough to hype it up prerelease (which makes others who wouldnt want to check out the game),and buy the game day 1 get a huge discount while people like me who salivate for their product have to pay more than 3x more for the same game? And yes we are all gonna be playing the same game, its just idiots like me who pay triple the price for a measly what, 8-9 months of testing for them?

It should have been DLC optional, and dont tell me Im saving money this way. First off, it should only be $20 update not $40 if you already bought it. Capcom can price it at whatever they want so dont tell me its a rule$5 per character. AE is an example. Plus not everyone would have bought every character. Paying at all for stages when theres only 8 to begin with is lame. Unfinished. Paying at all for balance changes is lame.I know this is bound to happen, but thats expected. We shouldnt have to pay for it. Its the developers fault, not ours. Paying at all for spectator mode which should and could have been there originally? Unfinished. Paying for a more robust single player experiance which should have been first priority? What about paying for improved netcode? Paying for a story we were promised and never got? Endings? All things that should have been there day 1. All this only a few short months after release?

Yes im gonna buy it so dont give me the dont like it dont buy it excuse. And yes, ive gotten alot of bang for my buck out of this game but that doesnt mean its ok to rationalize for them why its a “deal”. Id be stupid not to buy it at $40. Id also be stupid to buy it for $140 which is unfortunately what the loyal fans are gonna have to do so the game they spent $70 on less than a year ago isnt rendered obsolete. People have a right to complain on an internet message board (at the very least) for something theyve spent so much time and money on. I want this to be open to discussion an Id appriciate this thread not to be closed. please dont come in here with insults and ignorance towards others of either persuasion. Just a single, open discussion on why this is or is not BS.

And keep the analogies to a minimum please. This is NOT like buying a cheeseburger or soda, or house or car. Its like buying a video game. And then buying it again. Its not like running a business or employing people. Its like buying a game for $70 then buying less than half of that worth of content and work for more than half the price. Again

you’re missing out on the fact that there are rebalance tweaks and UI changes. oh, and 12 characters as opposed to AE’s 4. there are also probably gonna be changes to training mode as well. UMvC3 will simply have far too much content for it to be just DLC, it’s not like AE.

short answer: yes.

How much do people pay for games that they playthrough once or twice? $40 or $50? And they’d get maybe 20-30 hours playtime?

Now how much playtime do you get with a good fighting game you enjoy? 200 hours? 500?

Get the fuck outta here. It’s called making a profit, and meeting demands. Yes they could charge less, but people get enough enjoyment out of it for them to charge more, they run on making profit, so they do. If the game wasn’t worth what they were charging, you wouldn’t buy it. But you are, because it must be worth at least what the asking price is. So what the hell are you complaining about?

pretty much what everyone was bitching about when the game first came out. Where is everything? Oh wait, its in Ulitimate. Guess I bought the wrong version. Oh an how many hours do you put into a game thats completely obsolete after only a short period of it having been released. Probably not as much as a single player game which you can always go back to an play again.When RE5 came out, it didnt make RE4 obsolete. An when I beat RE5, that still didnt rener it obsolete. UMCV3 makes vanilla MVC3 obsolete. literally a $70 frisbee. And im not trying to complain, I just want a discussion on the subject.

if you were happy with mvc3 then theres no reason to complain.

if youre not happy with mvc3 months after its been released then nothings gonna change your mind

value wise its not to different than expansion packs that come out for pc games that cost about the same price, cept you dont need to own the original content

i hope they release another 40 dollar upgrade a couple months after with 12 more characters and more balance tweaks so long as the characters feel fresh and are fun to play like most of the mvc3 cast so far.


And you are not playing $40 for 8 stages and 12 characters…you are also getting the core MVC3 as well.

Gears of War 3 September, Dead Island September, Dark Souls October, to top it off Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 on the same month of November UMvC3 release.

I don’t have a problem with skipping shit I don’t or even shit I do like but it’s just a remake and not a full blown sequel especially if there’s really good ones coming out. Also Uncharted is boring but at least it has more content. I can finish MvC3 arcade mode under 10 minutes.

STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO!!! omg capcom stop screwing us!!! No more versions!!! Please!!!

Id like that too. maybe a year from now. Not in 4 months. And not disc only. Its like, if Capcom know they are gonna put out refreshes, why not charge $40 for the original game instead of $70, with each update being $40 / $20 whatever a beta and a full game for $80 plus tax seems right. $70 for a beta and another $40 for the complete makes 1 complete game cost $110.

Can we agree on that at least? If they are knowingly gonna put out updated disc only versions, the original (beta version) shoul only cost $40 as well.

And please keep the pointless posts and dumb 1 liners out of this thread.

Strange question for me. Especially since I sold my copy of MVC3 for MORTALLL KOMBATTTT! In my case, I am getting a whole new game with all the features I originally wanted.

Coulda swore the game also comes with updated netcode plus online options on top of 12 characters, rebalanced original characters, new stages, and more they haven’t even announced yet (online modes plus single player modes). Not that I’m taking sides but saying this should be a 20 dollar update is insane.

I’m not buying it, I’ll play other people’s copies.

Why does Capcom expect people to buy something when they put in characters no one wants? Firebrand? Rocket Raccoon? Yeah, the two people on the development team who wanted them in can buy the game and play them.

Didn’t people pay $60 for BB:CT? That game was $60 and fits your description pretty well.

I was too slow writing my post so I’m just going to say this: you don’t have a “right” to do a goddamn thing on an Internet forum.

Seeing as how I didn’t purchase MvC3, I’d say yes =]

Edit: Since I didn’t buy MvC3 I don’t feel as annoyed by Capcom’s recent action so it makes far more easier for me to go to the local gaming store and purchase UMvC3…I understand your pain though lol

But most of that should have been on the original you bought for $70.

Yeah, keep loling…

You know what? I’m pissed that I paid $60 for each Fable game! Game 3 lasted only 30 or so hours! Game 2 lasted only 20 or so! Game 1 lasted only 18 or so! To hell with those games!

And I hate every God of War game as well! Those games were only like 15 hours each! Really wish I didn’t pay $60 for those!

And man I hate every Final Fantasy, every GTA, every action adventure game ever made, and so on and so forth.

Those games are ALL worthless after I completed them, and I completed them not but weeks (usually less than a week) after my purchase! I WANT MY MJONIES BACK!!!

FGs though, FGs I can play foooorrrreeeevvvveeerrrrr <3

Hi, I am not excited for any of those games. UMvC3 will probably be my only 60 dollar game purchase unless BioShock Infinite comes out this holiday season as well. That games looks interesting.

Edit: To answer OP, yes I will buy UMvC3. I already put 20 bucks down on it at my local gamestop.