Would you pay for a MVC3 beta?

All of us have been anticipating this game for a decade. The standards are going to be set extremely high. And we all know how games cost money to make. Why not make a purchasable beta(though i prefer an alpha) later on in the development. s


[*]Make alittle extra money for full development process

[*]Appease the majority of the starving audience(ex Evo and E3 goers)

[*]Getting people in on the beta creates more loyal(if that is even possible) customers

[*]Allow for exploits and balancing issues to be brought to light.(your going to get books of information on each character from shoryuken.com)

[*]Can release it later as a demo closer to the release date

Reasons why it may be bad:

[*]Video game PR is alot like waiting for dinner. Cookies(beta/demos) can spoil your appetite for dinner.

[*]Negative response for making a beta(purchase only) could lead to bad PR[Lets face it Activision increasing the price of dlc didn’t change a thing]

[*]It takes alot of work.
Tell me what you guys think. I doubt this will work but look at the MVC2 port, it was brought back because we showed interest.
Lets give them something to consider!!**

Show interest

Already anticipating negativity

lol, I would pay $60 just for the beta.

Yes. Shit, I’d drop SSF4 for as long as the beta was going on.

if it had ggpo

Yes i would.

FUCK NO, why the hell would you pay to play a broken non-complete game and then pay AGAIN to play the completed version?

They have internal Q&A for a reason and Loketests are more than enough to get it exposed to more people.

Anyone that is willing to pay for a Beta of any video game where the amount doesn’t go towards your final copy is straight smoking something…

Not only does it not make sense from a consumer stand point it doesn’t make any sense for the developer to do this. It’s hard enough going through bug reports from an ACTUAL Q&A person(im a current software developer). The amount of wasted time sorting through unusable data provided by random joe blow would more than offset any financial gain the company would gain.

As I stated before, an online beta is likely going to have a greater ration of scrubs to people who actually know how to play. Meaning a greater chance of people complaining about things that are perfectly fine (I’d hate to see Iron Man’s unfly or Morg’s tri-dash shenanigans get taken out just because scrubs couldn’t deal with them). The loketests are fins since you have a better chance of putting the game in the hands of players better suited to testing the game.

wow, That post totally changed my mind. All the noobs would complain and Capcom might listen and ruin the game. Like all the morons that complain about assists (when they clearly just have no skill at the game)

ugh i guess in the long run it would be better to just not have the beta.

Thank you noobs for ruining this plan…

Played the demo at EVO. No thanks, I can wait.

Only a noob would say this.

Only a noob would say this.

Only a noob would say that.

Only a noob would say only a noob would say that

amidoinitright? :smiley:

enough of the trolling…

ok. but seriously, I’d wait for the real thing.

Pretty good write-up. I agree to this 100%

Nah, betas should be, y’know, free.

I remember playing the Blur beta for days.

I didn’t even want the game, it was fun enough with like ten cars and four tracks, so I replaced the retail game with the beta.

However, Marvel is probably a different story because there’s a lot more diversity with characters than with cars.

Id be happy with a demo :karate:

i wouldn’t mind a beta, but i wouldn’t pay just for the beta. maybe if capcom did something like they did for super street fighter 2 hd remix and gave u a beta for buying another game. I might be on board for that, depending on the game.

I would support a beta for 5-15 bucks.