Would you pay more for local pickup of Sanwa parts?

I’m trying to get OBSF-30’s, OBSF-24’s, JLF-TP-8YT in stock at my comic shop in Davis, CA. I found a distributor but they need a huge minimum order for a decent price. If I order less than that huge amount I’d have to charge $4.50 per button and the sticks would be about $30 each. I’m hoping to build into a larger order down the road.

We do have a growing SFIV community and a lot of our players know tons of people in the area. I would also be open to selling them online. Bottom line: Would you pay the extra cost for free shipping or for the local availability?

Edit: I think I have enough votes to get an idea. It’s about 50/50. I’m going to go ahead with the order soon, but see if I can save enough to just buy the huge quantity for the good price. Thanks everybody.

dont need to worry about any of that because modchipman is only 10 minutes away from me!

I got a store locally to myself as well lol.
If they only carried screw ins tho…

It depends on your clientele, I personally would not pay that much extra for buttons. VideoGamesNewYork just started selling Sanwa parts, and they’re charging base price for them, the only thing they’re missing is some online stores will throw in the wire harness for the stick for free, but it’s not that much of a problem for me. If it is extra, I would not pay an extra dollar and a half.

The one thing that throws me off, is you say “Would you pay the extra cost for free shipping”, which I read as “Would you pay for shipping”. You get something for free when you’re paying for it.

This is probably a question you need to be asking your customer base, not an internet forum.

For me it would all depend. If I could get them locally, would it be cheaper than buying them online and paying a shipping cost? If not, would the price difference justify the instant gratification?

You’d also need to look at the sustainability of selling stick parts. Sure you might sell a lot at first, but after that, how much repeat business could you expect? Remember, not everyone is a hardcore button collector or custom stick builder. I modded my SE stick recently, but now I’m done. I don’t anticipate buying more parts, so I wouldn’t be a good revenue source. I’m sure there are a lot of other people like me, as well. Sure you could sell them on the net, but then you’re competing with other established online retailers.

I dunno, just seems like there’s a lot more to consider than “How much profit can I squeeze by offering local pickup?”

there are quite a few things to consider for this one. extra cost vs shipping fees, how long the wait is on shipping, and availability of parts.

still i wish i had a local retailer for this stuff. it looks like such a fun hobby

Yeah, that’s just my poor wording. Basically I have to charge said price to make it worth the investment, and any online sales wouldn’t be charged shipping at that price. Ideally I would get the parts at a lower price, but that requires a very large initial investment that I can’t afford at the moment.