Would you play a balanced/tweaked version of 3S if released?


I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a more balanced and tweaked version of 3S… One that would remove Chun’s kara throw range and decrease her offense with SA2, one where Makoto does not have 100% stun, one where Ibuki retains her high stun damage while having increased offense, where Ken’s kara DP no longer works and more shit?

My answer is simple, no.


I wouldn’t mind Chun & Yun getting nerfed but Ken’s shoryu shoryu is awesome and while it sucks being hit by Makoto’s 100% stun it’s not anywhere near broken


If HDR has shown us anything, it’s that “rebalancing” can also work to harm the original game’s appeal. After all, the game people like is 3S, not 3S++ in which the tier list status quo is completely different and 11 years of reliable character info suddenly got “updated”.


Game is awesome the way it is, it doesn’t need much tweaks, and too much risk involved in changing things.


If anything, the only tweaks in the game should be on Chun, and even then they should be VERY minor because she still can get trounced easy by any of the high-mid characters.

Otherwise, the game is fine. You don’t even need tweaks to cause a change in the 3S tier list anyway(mid-tier Hugo should be a big example of this).


Imo the game is fine. ST dident need it and neither does this.


Yes if it gave Dudley a kara throw like Q’s, his cr.mk the same properties as Chun’s, and last but not least a 360. Voila, perfect 3s.


I would give it a look, I mean* I like 3S as it is*, but on that note, I liked ST alot (easily one of my favorite SFs of all time) but I also like HDR quite a bit, people who say that HDR “failed” at rebalancing ST arent paying very much attention, HDR has replaced ST in most big North American tourneys (Japan is a bit different), and the tiers are more hotly contested then ever. (That would indicate that Sirlin pulled it off)

3S has some balance issues (as do most/all fighting games) I dont think it would be a bad thing if they took the years and years of tourney data and tried to *rebalance *3S a bit, I just dont get the portion of the FGC community the fears a more balanced game, they seem satisfied with more of the same, and the problem with that is simple, if a game boils down to just a handful of tourney viable chars, over time the scene dries up and fades away (AKA, 3S and MVC2 are PRIME examples of this). ST would not be in any North American tourneys if it wasnt for HDR and its “newness”. MvC2 *just *got into Evo this year, 3S is NOT in. This is because people just stopped caring about the same thing over and over again, top 3, rinse repeat.

Whats funny is, is that Capcom already “redid” 3S, its the THIRD game in the series, Capcom has done this with pretty much all of thier games (Alphas, SF2, SF4, etc) the only time people complain is when they do it years later (with the benifit of massive amounts of knowledge) this blows my mind, it is the most hypocritical thing I have seen in the FGC, why arent people freaking out about the “changes” in Super SF4? Because its still NEW, I bet if they took years of tourney data, and tried SSF4 in a couple of years a portion of the FGC would RAGE out over this, it makes no sense whatsoever.

It seems like the less “broken” stuff in a FG the less a portion of the FGC likes the game, I have never, and will never understand this perspective.

Could they royally mess up 3S if they tried to rebalance it? Of course, but on that same note, they could make a great,** GREAT** game, with updated visuals, and breath new life into this well respected, and truly fantastic game.

We are in prime position to rebirth some great games, I personally think HDR was a sucess (I am well aware there is a section of the community that does not agree with this), and I think other “Remix” titles would be a great thing (Not that I think Capcom cares enough to put out the money and effort to actually do this).

I dont know, I think at the very least Capcom should release 3S, CvS2, etc on the Live/PSN arcades with GGPO-like netcode and rooms (like on GGPO or HDR), these games do not deserve to die because SF4 is out.

  1. Chun’s stamina is decreased to akumas
  2. makotos sa2 doesnt have the ability of juggling
    3s is perfect


and make Ryus denjin blockable.


And make Yun’s SA3 give block damage on normals.


And make Akuma’s SA1 a Laser Beam like XvsSf

You guys are all silly.



make ryus denjin 3 stocks & the size of yangs sei-sei enbu meter


you know what i havent done one of these in a WHILE.

yeah i’d totally play anything 3s related, i just want to that bad, over PSN w/o lag (aka as little as possible)

for the record, i’d be down with:

  1. chun’s sa2 one bar, yeah thats fine, dont screw w/ the tiers/chars too much. or even make it the same length as ryu sa2, shes a better char anyway dont complain
  2. yun sa3 longer bar, same activate time
    useless moves like ryu’s target combo and his command fierce being made useful
    go ahead and buff the mid-low tier chars a little idk how but thats not my job


hdr sucks…
please dont base how popular or “good” a game is just because it got into evo, because evo fucking sucks too.

I would never play another version of 3s.


I base HDR being good, on the fact that it IS a great game, again, I AM an old school ST player, I LOVE ST, yet I think HDR is great. While you are certainly entitled to not like HDR (personal tase is personal taste, thats fine), I have yet to hear anything compelling against it,(Even Chen, who is on record for NOT liking HDR, agrees that it is a more balanced game, lol) every single person who hates on HDR has no real basis for why it is “Bad”,(complaining about lost abuse isnt valid, thats more balance, duuuur) I have asked time and time again why the people who dont like it feel that way, and its always some piss poor, “cause it sucks” excuse. (I could go on for days on the benefits of taking out the “abuse” in ST, you know, the same “abuse” tactics you mofos all booed at when you saw it happen in a tourney, again,** hypocrites**.)

And again, I LOVE 3S, played it a for good long time, yet a more balanced version of it doesnt sound bad to me, but I figure you are part of that section in the FGC community who would hate on it simply because of more balance. And TBH, without a rebirth of some kind, 3S is going to vanish from the tourney scene entirely in short order. (And I certainly would not like that to happen, as I have mentioned, I love 3S)

That hypocritical stance I will never understand, why exactly would a potentially more balanced, updated visuals 3S be “bad”. (now of course, hypothetically, they could mess the game up, but that same hypothesis could work in the other direction just as easily.)

Why is this stance “hypocritical”? Because to make a “remix” 3S it would require the input from the top players in the game (AKA, top NA/JAP players putting in input). Now, seeing as EVERYONE in the group who “hates anything rebalanced” often holds player skill and ranking above all else (not exactly bad reasoning, it makes sense that the best of the best know the most about said game). I do find it hilarious that these players opinions are treated as sacred in all other occurances** EXCEPT** in this specific situation, rebalancing a game. (Again, HDR was “remixed” in this **EXACT **way)

I also find it** HILARIOUS** that you are hating on Evo so much (Gee I wonder why, cause 3S isnt in Evo this year?) on SRK, you know, the same site BEHIND Evo. Do you refute the players skills who go to Evo? Do you think Evo holds a lower class of players?!?! Really? Could YOU top out those boys? I highly doubt it. Im sure you will bust out some Japanese tourny players as referance here, and yes, those boys are certainly badass at 3S, no question, and it would be GLORIOUS to have a world ranking battle of epic proportions, but the logistics of pulling something like that off are INSANE, and it wont likely happen anytime soon.

So what exactly pray tell are your reasons for NOT wanting a more balanced 3S? (And please, dont use the “cause they’ll fuck it up” excuse, that is PURE hypothesis).

I am also aware that Capcom will most likely NEVER actually do this, at most we can hope for a netcode updated version of 3S on Live/PSN.


Hdr sucks cuz it’s fucking ugly, it’s console only, and there was never any need for it.

Dude I’ve been to many evo’s and let me tell you it’s always been shit. I wasn’t even going to go this year (voted cvs). How many times have you been to evo?

Yes I can top out many of evo’s boys.

Why don’t I want a rebalanced 3s??
Well if you really have to ask this question, you will just never understand. Sorry.


Pretty much confirming half my previous post, I wont even dignify this with an answer, troll on man, troll on.

(I dont even know why I try TBH, whatever, same BS every time, hilarious.)


Main reason I don’t really want to see a rebalanced 3S is because I feel it doesn’t NEED it to begin with. It’s a 10 year old game that still has dedicated players, and not just top-tier users. Just because it isn’t thriving in the US doesn’t mean that there is no scene.

Also, just because a lot of us don’t want a “rebalanced” 3rd Strike doesn’t mean you have to call us hypocrites. 3S isn’t dying because it needs a facelift. 3S is dying because IT JUST NEVER REALLY CLICKED WITH EVERYONE. It’s a totally different game from ST and SF4, despite it being a Street Fighter. Even with that sudden surge of popularity because of the Daigo parry, Capcom and the staff that were still in the community like Killian and Sirlin never really did much to capitalize on it. And people only loved the Daigo parry. The true players still kept playing because it was a great game. I’m sure you know this feeling as well since you said you love the game. That’s just how OTHERS feel. No need to look down on them about it.


HDR didnt hurt st
HDR is just a different game, and people wanted to play ST, not a new game

something like that for 3s would be fun