Would you play a good fighting game on facebook?

I know this will probably get me yelled at in some way or another, so I’ll just apologize now. I’m sorry.

I don’t mean just some random fighter, but I think something like ST or KOF is totally doable on facebook. Provided you could play with an arcade stick, etc., it seems like it’d be a pretty cool thing. Since fbook’s already a pretty strongly-established social platform, a lot of things like leaderboards, stats, community engagement etc. are pretty much already there. I like to think that if friends were into it, I’d be pretty excited about it. I know GGPO exists and all, but I think it’d spread a whole lot faster via facebook, and nothing wrong with more people playing a good game.

I’m no tech dude, so maybe the game just wouldn’t translate for some reason I don’t know, or hell maybe it’s already there and is a complete failure.

This is obviously just some randomass thought, but I was curious what some of you might think about playing fighters on a platform like facebook.

Nope. But that’s partially because I don’t use Facebook as much as any other factor :stuck_out_tongue:

Only 5% of Facebook would care about it. Best make it a random fighter for that place or none at all.