Would you play a NEW Megaman fighting game?

Although Capcom hasn’t been very kind to the blue bomber in recent years, Megaman is still one of Capcom’s most valuable IP’s and depending on who you ask, is the quintessential mascot for Capcom. As far as we know, Capcom does not have any plans on any future Rockman/Megaman installments.

With that being said, do you think it would be a good idea for Capcom to try something new and develop a fighting game within the Megaman Universe? Any characters from any series (classic, X, battle network etc.) would be eligible. Capcom developed a Megaman fighting game back in the mid 90’s that never got console ports(AFAIK). With the fighting game genre hitting at all cylinders again, do you think a properly developed Megaman fighting game could make it’s own mark this generation?

TL:DR If Capcom made a full fledged Megaman fighting game with it’s own brand new unique system (a la X-Men:COTA), would you give it a chance? Would you be open to Capcom making a Megaman fighting game with a modified version of the SF V engine?

I did play the megaman fighting game. Whats your point?

Mega Man: The Power Battle.
It exists.

CPS2 fighting game in the arcades, there was a sequel, etc…

Mid-90s or so. Came out on one of the PS2 Mega Man collection games.

id play

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To actually add to your thread tho…

I think they should just say “fuck you” to Marvel and make a Capcom only game with the Marvel engine… Just … umm… get rid of Xfactor and the other bullshit in it.

So pretty much Mega Man X Street Fighter?

When you put it like that…

Sounds kinda hot.


Have you seen how Capcpom treats fighters that aren’t Street Fighter lately? Plus, you want to add Mega Man to the mix, a character they’ve been shitting on for the better part of a decade?

Fuck outta here.

Street Fighter 4 has been terrible since AE came out and Street Fighter V had the greatest launch of all time. The fuck you talking about?

Only if it’s the real Mega Man


Next question.

Only if Zero is the best character.

Ask the 1000s of backers who backed Mighty No. 9.

Real question is will Capcom ever make another mega man game.

I would play it, but I’d rather see a spiritual successor to the Marvel series featuring an all Capcom cast(no more crossovers). They could easily add 3 or so Megaman characters to that.

I would like to see a properly done mega man fighter using characters from Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman NT, and other ports of Megaman.

Make it Smash Bros. style and that’s all.

Probably would never happen given their history of keeping Megaman (not bad box art) out of fighting games, but sure I would play it. Would love to see anyone’s modern fighting game interpretation of Cutman, Gutsman and the like. I got a big kick outta seeing Megaman Zero in SNK Vs Capcom, even if he was strong as hell.


EVO 2016 here we come!


Power Battle and Power Fighters were just 2-player co-op boss fights, not actual fighters.

By “SFV Engine” I assume you mean the fighting system from SFV?

In which case I’d say no. Megaman is all about projectiles and movement. You’d want something more like Marvel or other anime fighters. You’d probably also want it to be heavy on specials and light on normals.