Would you Rage Quit...if this happened to you?


check out chun-li at 02.07

The video is from NKI, one of the mods of the ST/HDR sections. For whoever does not know it, be sure to check The Complete NKI Collection, with the Old School Street Fighter technical info as a highlight.

I believe most things the shotos suffered in that video will happen to people who play long enough. But it is still worthy of being in a video, specially one that shows tricks that can actually appear in tournaments. For instance, of course one is not likely to find the complete Ken shit in that sequence of his, but an eventual ground cross-up is something some people eventually tries. The same for those Chun stomps: a tournament player will never allow all those to connect, but each isolated situation in which that Dhalsim was hit may happen.

That’s one of my favorite ST technical videos. Personally I think the Hawk action is the best, grabbing chun and ryu out of their special moves with a 720 and murdering Rog in the corner with a counter 720 against his super.

i jus love da music in dat vid!

It is an interpretation of the 3rd act of Summer from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Quite a vibrant piece.

The artist who performed that marvelous piece is Vanessa Mae. NKI chooses some really excellent compositions for his vids, on top of them already being full of awesome.

she looks like she can love me long time.