Would you receive it in the posterior?

If the air was right, would you ever take dick up the ass?

I would no homo. I want to have a fat load shot in my asshole. Then I will fart out all that hot, gooey, spunk on her face while she tugs on my dick like a cow udder. The smelly semen mixed with my rancid farts will create an aroma that acts as an aphrodisiac, thus making her much more horney

What do you guys think ?

Goddammit I was hoping you died from the stabbing…

Edit: To answer your question… NEVER!

Survey says…

This isn’t the Fighting is Magic thread dude.


did I just kill BEWD?

BEWD must stay away from this thread at all costs. waka can stair at that shit all day however.

I liked this idea better when Missing Person posted it.

There’s some things you can’t “no homo”.

This is one of those things.

I wanna say this thread is ass, but it might sound awkward.

somewhere theres a buttchugging joke without a home

My policy in bed is no anal whatsoever. I don’t need either of us smelling like ****