Would you say today's gamers are picky?

Or some are just rather annoying? They bitch about a game’s graphics or just one thing about the game that automatically makes it horrible. I understand you should get what your money’s worth, but one thing just doesn’t make the game itself horrible. Some are even FPS-fan boys who compare COD to games that are nothing like COD and claim it’s better (someone even compared MV3 to freaking Catherine). I even hear people complain about a game being too easy or too difficult. What do you expect? I know there has to be a balance, but you’d think they would love a challenge.

“Today’s” gamers play Marvel 3.

No, I don’t think they’re picky at all, considering they heartily play shit.

Picky? More like biased.

I would say they are not picky enough with everyone still going out buying shit like MW3.

There’s different kinds of “picky”.

There’s the guy that tells you 100 different things wrong with a game, how it’s trash, but has already pre-ordered a copy, and owns just about every popular game.

Then there’s the guy who just doesn’t buy games he doesn’t like, and has a relatively small library of games.

That said, I don’t think there are more of these gamers now than there were 15 years ago. I think people appear to be more vocal because of how big the internet has gotten. Forums weren’t as big, and you didn’t have people tuned in to streams. Tournaments were also a lot smaller.

Yeah, biased was pretty much the word I was looking for. Picky just didn’t seem to fit.

This is a dumb question.

First of all if right now is “today” what is “yesterday”?

Also whenever “yesterday” was I’m pretty sure that “today” people are able to communicate better than ever. If the internet/online gaming was as developed in 1980 as it is now people would have been complaining about all of the shitty games on the NES. No people aren’t more “picky” now. There are more voices as gaming is more popular now than it ever was, and those voices are easier to hear.

—The End.

No. If people are buying the latest Call of Duty they must be willing to buy anything their friends tell them is cool.

You’re just exposed to the kind of people that exist that’s always been there. Picky people have always existed. If there’s one thing porn has taught me is that there’s a lot of bizarre people out there that you wouldn’t expect.

People are manipulated by the media/word-of-mouth. They’ll play whatever if it’s popular because they want to be liked and fit in.

If this question was so dumb, then why did you even bother answering?

Fuck no.

The only picky(i call it smart) people are yesterday’s gamers who know better than to buy all of the shit coming out right now. I feel bad for anyone getting DmC

I said it was a dumb question, I didn’t say it wasn’t a question. Clearly you weren’t bright enough to figure it out on your own and needed some assistance. Just because a question is dumb doesn’t necessarily mean it should go unanswered; you should be happy.

BTW that was your second dumb question.

I dont think so, a lot of people play a lot of shitty games

I’d say the more seasoned gamers are picky, but the so called “casuals” aren’t.

They don’t know wtf they want. Capcom could make MVC2 HD and people will bitch about SOMETHING about it. Activision could release CoD4 HD and people would bitch. It’s an endless cycle.

MvC2 HD would be a terrible idea

its already in the works, Cable has a 8 way air dash now

I would say they are more pompous jack asses than anything. That and I always hear people proclaim that they are “hardcore gamers” follow by listing shit games that suck.

The younger generations want to seem like the “tough critic” that is nearly impossible to impress, basically… they’ll see something like Bioshock and say “eh, those graphics aren’t that great.”, or call whatever game that throws some crazy, over-the-top situations at you “boring”, to make it seem like their taste is so refined and above the unwashed masses. I actually feel bad for these people…going through life either pretending to not like anything, or genuinely not liking anything that more than a few other people would consider entertaining…whether the “NOTHING impresses me” mindset is a self-serving lie or not, it’s quite pathetic, in my opinion. It’s like this type of person is trying to be a douche-bag that no one will ever like. Good luck with that… eventually being the adult equivalent of the fat kid in P.E. class that is always picked last because nobody wants anything to do with you. That sure is a winning approach to life right there.