Would you say today's gamers are picky?

“spoiled” is probably a better word for today’s gamers.

They are spoiled; ‘picky’ implies a critical evaluation of some sort.

EDIT: ^ just beat me to it! :slight_smile:

I know this comment is a damn joke but the thought of this pissed me the fuck off. Why would anybody want to imagine tri-jump drop kicks from that cock sucker? Just the thought of him throwing a grenade and then air dash down foward dropkick so he can confirm into standing roundhouse jump canceled into IAHVB is stupid. Fuck your hypothetical Cable straight into his hypothetical retarded eye.

“You liked playing Rat King in TMNT:TF? Well they added him to Marvel now and if he hits you with the drop kick, he shoots lasers.”

My throat fucking burns because of acid reflux, I’m cranky because of it and tri-jump dropkicks are bullshit.:annoy:

I dont know…some people are convinced that SFIV has good graphics and gameplay.

Not as many as are convinced of the same for MVC3.

Suckers, all. :coffee:

…I wonder if Capcom could sell their dumb asses on a new religion while they are at it.


Picky? no. Selective? Maybe. I know what I want in my games. I know that companies are SORTA trying to meet that criteria. I also know they are failing miserably.

I’m basically making the best of what I have. I have a laundry list of shit that companies SHOULD be doing to make their games better. I can understand them not giving a shit or being able to achieve most of them. But basic shit like leaving out popular characters, or fucking people over who’ve purchased 4 copies of the same game for what should just have been minor DLC charges…yeah, I am allowed to be ‘picky’ about that.

I think it’s part of this new generation getting on the internet. Either something is the greatest shit ever, or it’s the worst shit ever.

No perspective.

thats not even half of it Spiral has a unfly now, black heart can teleport, mag now can triple jump, storm has a lighting shield that last 5 sec, doom now has a 2 hit jab infinite, strider has x factor.

People refuse to buy good games for all sorts of reasons, and will buy bad games also for all sorts of reasons. Also, “good”" and "Bad"are subjective as well, which means that people will generally buy any random shit they want for any random reason possible.

So no. Not picky.

I’m extremely picky. I only play around three or for genres, three of which are dead or dying.

What is this?

Sirlin got MVC2 HD approved for real?

Or is this a more unofficial Mugen?


Off the top of my head, fighters and JRPGs.

What are the other two?

Platformers and something else?


i dont know games like Madden keep getting bought even though there all the same, the sims is for 13 year old girls, I dont know why anyone likes dragon age games when demon souls dark souls a million times better, MW3 is not a good game though it out sold everything, Halo is not good also, Umvc3 is trash, KoF13 is a lot better. Though im glad a new silent hill, 2 new res evil games, Wrath of the white witch looks amazing, Starcraft 2 HOTS, and Diablo 3 are coming out[media=youtube]Pd0q8w1yj_s[/media]

Best answer to a supposedly dumb question. Lately I have been noticing an all or nothing mentality when it comes to opinions on video games and what makes a game good or an epic fail. Most of these opinions are made without any further thought as the people I have discussed gaming with lately love to go off what they heard from a friend or read on the internet. But that is to be expected I think when you are shelling out $60.00 per new game and you want to make sure that you are not wasting your hard earned cash.

you had had to spend around 60.00 for a new snes or gensis game back then, and you had no idea if it was good or not. The only way was though renting a game or going to toys r us and playing the display games

The only thing that this generation will be remembered is by having the biggest ammount o whiners than any other generation of gamers in history.

New gamers, no. More seasoned gamers yes. Seasoned gamers use an old game they like and compare it to the newer ones. Thats where the pickyness comes in.

For example, I started playing MVC2 and 3S in 2006/2007. I liked both of them. Then when 2009 came through, I played SF4 and I thought it was garbage. And then when 2011 came through and MVC3 came out, it was not good (better than SF4 though). Im using MVC2 and 3S as a standard of how fighting games are suppose to be made.

New gamers just play the newest thing out and if they like it, they use that as a standard of how fighting games are suppose to be made for the future.

Now if we are talking about bitching and moaning about patches and shit, then it definitely goes to the new gamers.

lol no

They play shit like SF4, MvC3, CoD, etc.


Because it’s what’s popular. Generation of goddamn posers right here.

Entitlement and all that. Internet has allowed everyone to feel like they are god’s gift to gaming.

Platformers and the occasional puzzle game.

so if a game just sucks i should still buy it? You really should look at the reviews for games, there are a lot more shitty games then good ones