Would you show your parents your ENTIRE internet history for $12,000?

By entire internet history, I mean EVERYTHING you’ve ever looked at on the internet, including incognito. Yes? No? Discuss.

What this guy said.

Not if I could get even more money out of it.

12 grand is kinda lowballing it.

"Shrug* 12k really isn’t that much…still I have no shame. Whateva. The question is do THEY want to see my internet history…I highly doubt it.

sure, they can see all the porn I look at.

I don’t care, sure why not. Hell, grandmothers too while we’re at it.

can someone bump the thread about the million dollar cumshot and how dudes were saying they’d totally do it for a few mill?

i think you’re lowballing it for 12k. i wouldn’t, since i’ve watched some max hardcore before, and damn that shit makes me feel dirty after.

Ill even post it on my fore head for 12k.

As weird as this may sound for me, my internet history isn’t that bad. Sure, there’s lots of porn, and yes, even some Max Hardcore, but I got no shame…or at least little enough that 12K could buy it. Mostly because 12K could buy me a redone backyard, and that’s worth my mom knowing that I watch schoolgirls get cum all over their face a lot.


Fucking laugh hard at this. :rofl:

Are you kidding? I’ve got a wedding/honeymoon coming up next month. I’d do it for HALF that.

lol , if i wanted them to die of instant heart failure i would .

you are my hero and your posts always make me laugh

Fuck no, are you insane?

My mom flipped the fuck out over Manson and Slipknot lyrics, I can’t imagine what my random wiki/porn viewing would do to her soul

12K, fuck yes. That pays off my car, and gets the inside of my house painted. I couldn’t care less if they know what I look at on the internet.

if my mam seen my search history it would just be this