Would you suck a (&(^( for a million dollars?

Would you suck a dick fo a million bucks?

If you say no, you’re gay.

A million? Yes. And I’d let you suck mine for another 100 grand on top of that. Slight boner incoming. No homo. Man moist… made.

We got people here that do it for free kid.

And even the most hardcore and manly of men can be bought for a measily 10k.

So the real question is, how hard up are you and how big is your…


Bank account

For a mil? easy. I ain’t going to swallow though. I’m strict with my business dealings.:coffee:

Circumcised? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’d probably do it for 100k, hell even 10k

Tell you what. Give me the million and I’ll act like I did.

I’d do it for a 8 piece nugget

I would suck a dick for some McNuggets.

hell yeah. I’d also take 10 bucks, buy some McNuggets, give em to a chick, and get a blowjob while I close my eyes and think about the million i’m about to make

oh man…damn…a dick?..how big?

Depends, no if it’s from a black male, I would choke and die.

Y’all niggas is gay

I would show up on time with a god damn smile. For a million dollars you could televise that shit.

Depends on how much I’d get if I just jerked the dude off.

These hypotheticals are always so fucking stupid.

Will you do something (disgusting) for (large amount of money)?

Maybe? Depends on the person’s financial situation, how distasteful they find the act, the circumstances, etc, etc. Like, are you offering us a million bucks to suck your dick, LazyJosh2?

If so, I think you’re wasting your money. You can probably find a bunch of guys on Craig’s List to do it for free.

Do I get to pick whose dick I’d suck?



Just came in to say da fuk is with this thread.