Would you support a "Project M" type of game mod for USF4 if unhappy with balance changes?


Not saying it’d ever happen. Merely curious about the public view on this.I thought I’d put forth the idea to the community.

Assuming that the developers of this hypothetical project SF were serious about this concept, open about development, consulted top players and were taking the game in a direction you liked would you support it?


Dat last poll option


I would support it but I still don’t think project m is “balanced” Looks at retarded Mario and Pit. but this would be better than 2012.


Fuck Project M…

A bunch of weak people who have to apply Melee mechanics to everything. Just like those Smogon dolts that want to get rid of critical hits in Pokemon.


It wasn’t about “Is Project M balanced” I used it as it’s the best example of a “community rebalanced version of an existing game done through modding”


i often play koryu and rainbow edition

could do that with fugly4 for sure.


Considering what a terrible job Capcom did with Ultra, I’d love to see a community version eclipse the official release.


If Ultra does suck I’d rather the community just go back to super instead of doing some ghetto mod.


Should be your new avatar :wink:


I like the way you think, but this blue background really suits me better.


anything that isnt Capcom official balance ( be it good or bad ) dosnt interest me, however i really enjoyed the first DOTA , i though the concept was brilliant , they created a new game play from WC3 foundation instead of re balancing the game , not to mention we will have Edition select


Modding issues on consoles notwithstanding, I just don’t see the community at-large ever playing an unofficial mod. Not to mention doing so would probably put us all out of Capcom’s good graces as well.


I’d want to play the official version seriously only. I don’t think they could get it to work on console, AND have it work online, but PC it should be a breeze.

That salt avatar that trouble brewing has is dope. O_O


I would be all down for it if:

  1. Community accepts it as a main game
  2. Its based on usf4 so we would have all characters.

Otherwise I would still play it casualy.


…did ES get removed altogether?


Not sure. Would have to be a pretty radical improvement over stock SF4. If fun, yes play.


You guys do realize that SFIV Remix exists right?


Most people don’t want Remix. Most people just want Ultra, but fixed. If there was to be new content, I’m sure people would be much more interested in stuff like all new characters rather than a complete mechanics overhaul that Remix goes for.

The only core mechanics change I want from Ultra is the removal of delayed wakeup. Otherwise, I’d want a general damage boost and maybe some balance tweeking, that’s about it.

aaaaaand none of this matters if it splits the community, it won’t catch on. Especially since probably only PC gamers can play the mod, and they are the smallest faction of the community unless you include the 3DS players.


Better start making it, there’s no pleasing the FGC. Every option on that poll should be…



Is it possible to create a balanced version with ES? Take the best balanced version of each character and work from there?