Would you support a "Project M" type of game mod for USF4 if unhappy with balance changes?


If I really end up not liking Ultra’s changes (which I actually do like them) then I’ll just become an ES side tourney warrior, the end.


You do realize that SF4 remix is entirely unbalanced and doesn’t try to BE balanced right?


pretending to balance a game and stay neutral while being a player/fan/surrounded by players is not serious … even then who would you ask ? top players ? not because they play at high level mean they gonna stay neutral too, and they have very biased vision of the game … also ther’s a crapload of characters, who in his right mind would re learn all the match up/frame data ?

Edition select with vanilla characters banned is the most realist thing, i personally dont care about vanilla characters , i would play against anything, but thats the version peoples complain the most about when Edition select is mentioned


You make a perfectly fair and valid point regarding bias but no matter what there will be bias. Whether it is done by Capcom or fans. What does matter is getting intelligent feedback, as well as having a strong team of people who know how to test for stuff and are creative about it. Also having developers who understand the game mechanics going into the project (Combofiend himself stated that before starting on USF4 he wasn’t really a “frame data guy” and that he played by feel which doesn’t always accurately reflect how the game works.)


i see, i get your point now, but its not like SF4 have broken stuff that kill the fun … sometimes i feel its too well balanced and i dont see it last as long as 3s for example ( maybe Edition select will extended its lifespan )


sorry but what’s project m?


Project M



Didn’t know SFIV Remix existed.
Checked it out.
Looked like trash.


No. If it’s not an official release there likely won’t be a big enough player base to keep me interested.


I don’t think USF4 will suck as hard as Brawl so there’d be no need to fix things and make it better


I gotta say, I’m quite surprised at how evenly split among all the choices this is. Current standing is 32 out of 52 say “They’d play it in some form if possible” while the rest have no interest.

Mostly casual level interest but far more than I had expected.


If Capcom just came out and said “We are planning for SF5 or some other big fighter now and have no plans to support SF4 with rebalancing in the future” I would support an SF4 mod. What is Capcom’s stance on mods? Would they pull the plug on tournament support if we dragged this up? I think that’s important. Otherwise, I’d just play it on the side and be mad nobody takes it seriously.

Project Super Turbo?


I have absolutely no interest in a modded version of a game where the original is already competitive, even if it ends up with major flaws. I dislike pursuing a modded edition of the same game, it is actively segregating the player pool and is not officially supported by the developers of the game. Meaning if the modded version ended up in tournies, you are not likley to see Capcom support it with events and prizes. Upside would be the support is community driven and as thus changes would be implemented faster.

Who has the last say in these in these changes, the top players, creators of the mods? How would you enforce something like this, this game has an arcade scene in Japan, they would not play it. INternationally each country would probably have different views and the modders of each country…region or even tournament can change things to fit their needs. People would also need PC’s, or modded xbox or ps3’s.

Seems to much of an hassle to bring it large scale.

So yeah i honestly am not interested in the slightest, for shits and giggles maybe, nothing more. Not disregarding the passion of anyone who would want to do this but it seems a wasted effort to me if you are truly trying to create a community for this.

Smash project M worked, however their circumstances were not comparable in the slightest.


I don’t like this type of project because they always end up either very small, or they split the community.
They also can’t receive any help from the developers.


Pretty sure you know my stance, Would play, would probably contribute.

As it stands however, It doesn’t look like capcom wan’ts anyone messing with there game.

Unfortunately for capcom, we’re going to continue to play modded SF.

I can with out a doubt say, I’ve had a 100% more enjoyable time playing a mod than I ever have with Capcoms balance job.


Thank you capcom for creating this game, but Please let me play it that way I want.


I like the series but I hope this is the last rebalance of SF4, it’s been out for 5 years now. I just want to see a new SF game already.

I don’t think Capcom is a big fan of game mods though, people have been saying that the new Steam version of AE doesn’t let people change the gameplay anymore and I can’t imagine it being efficient for people to lug out their PCs for tournaments and watch them so people wont steal $700+ stuff.


You do know what a LAN party is right? Until just recently lan parties dwarfed any FG event by huge amounts. BYOC is huge at Quakecon. Even now Quakecon dwarfs EVO by a huge number. Evo2013 was the largest number of attenders (6097). The largest number for Quakecon? 2010 at 8500+. Quakecon was estimated to have broke 6k back in 2005. Quakecon is hardly the only Lan in business. Dreamhack for example only started doing fighting games recently, before that it was mostly PC stuff dating back to 1994. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were lan parties for Spectre back in 1990 before SF2 was even released.


Project:M was made because Brawl is retarded and Meta Knight was boss character tier.

Ultra is not going to be that bad, so it seems needless.


Cool cool but you do know that when people talk about poverty stuff in the FGC a lot of it isn’t a joke right, a lot of people don’t have good enough PCs to bring on their own and I wouldn’t even think of bringing something that expensive to a tournament with all of the other equipment that gets stolen at them.


I don’t like modded competitive play for the same reason I feel mugen is for casuals. So I’d only play it with friends.