Would you turn x-factor off if you had the option?

If the game had an option to switch off x-factor, do you think the competitive scene would do so? Just curious.



I don’t think so, we want to play the game the way it’s meant to be played, otherwise we would just change damage settings to low and ban Phoenix.

Except we can’t turn it off in the first place, so why bother discussing whether or not we would if we could?

Casuals maybe, tourneys no. What would you do?

Turning off XF would change how TONS of people play. Wesker wouldnt be even half as good as an anchor as he is now and Phoenix would be non-existant bc you could just chip her to death.


BTW, this thread is gonna go bad pretty fast.

i dont mind xfactor i just wish we could change the damage properties but since everyone has different damage %'s i wouldnt know how to go about it…

i think it could lead to some interesting matches if you did. might be fun for casuals!

Yes, game would be more enjoyable.

X-factor is pretty much the worst mechanic ever created for a fighting game. Let’s see, would I turn it off if I could?

Hell yes.


No. Whilst XF has some ridiculous speed and damage buffs questionable for some characters…

XF cancelling and chip negation are pretty fun parts of the engine and aren’t silly OTT mechanics actually.
XF-only combos are also an interesting addition… but the fact that damage is +++ with it on makes said combos less useful because you can just do a simpler one and end up with results anyway.

It’s part of the game, don’t try to make it Marvel 2. We need a good Marvel 3, not a Marvel 2.5 which clearly this game was not meant to be.

Stop trying to make us like Smash boards.

2 is better.

So play 2? The issue is how to make Marvel 3 a better game, really.

The point is that they’re different games and shouldn’t be compared with each other save the name and the fact it’s a versus game.
This game will never be a Marvel 2.5 other than in Fanatiq’s dreamworld where he makes it happen.

There are system tweaks that can be had and would make this a much better game than it is. Turning off XF completely is not one of them.

i say xfactor is whats keeping people with air dashes, good wavedashes, and incredible mix-up game from being a game with 58 characters to 12. don’t want that happening now do we. i didn’t include teleports because of how much they need assist to cover them.


LOL at the thought of turning off X-factor. Pretty sure Strider, Lei-Lei, Morrigan, Tron, and many other characters appreciate having the mutant gene.