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Since Focusattack.com was promoted on Seasons Beatings 5, a lot of players recently discovered the uniquely cute and cool SSF4 pins from Sinix Design.


Sinix Design Super Street Fighter 4 Character Pins

Featuring all 35 characters from SSF4, plus the perfect symbol, they became an instant collectible of one’s fave characters or current main. One or many easily go on your joystick bag, purse and/or piece of clothing.

I’m thinking about eventually commissioning SINIX for t-shirt designs featuring each of these chars in either a complimentary or corresponding color (ie SINIX Blanka against green or orange) or neutral color. The char would appear in the center and just large enough (3"x3") to be recognizable.

I’d like your opinion: Would you wear a SINIX on your shirt?

you should make this for twitter aswell


I would LOVE to have purple Rose and a green Cammy shirt! Those would be awesome.

I would LOVE to have purple Rose and a green Cammy shirt! Those would be awesome.

I would buy a Guile in a heartbeat.

Others, i’d probably buy too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be all over a Gouki/Cammy/Ibuki/Guy shirt!

On second thought, might I suggest a T-shirt with the above picture? It would be pretty beast to have every character in that style on a shirt…

Hey guys!

I’m sorry that I didn’t get back on this thread sooner. Thanks for your suggestions! To start with, we chose two characters from the original SFII series - Ryu and Chun Li. Here’s the initial designs:


We’ll change the fonts around, but will include the taglines this time. ChunLi will have the tagline “Made in China”, and Ryu’s will say “Homeless” I think we all get the gist. :slight_smile:

Every month, we’ll hold a contest to choose the next two characters. The most popular pair will get t-shirts made, and a lucky winner will receive those shirts plus the entire SINIX button set.

At some point, we’ll have that shirt available, possibly when the entire series is up.

Vega shirt! Do want!

a little off topic but I just bought some pushbuttons from your site. excited to see how your shipping handles with the order.

ON topic that akuma on a t-shirt is awesome.

Hah - It’s all good. :slight_smile: I shipped a number of packages today; a few remaining will ship Priority mail on Monday. Usually I don’t ship on weekends because of the post-offices close early but pack everything for a massive ship-out first day of the week.

We’ll have a contest to decide the second pair of shirts, so Akuma may end up next. :slight_smile:

Hey all,

The first pair of SINIX SSF4 t-shirts are available for pre-order! Ryu and ChunLi will debut, followed by voter’s choices on the next two. Here’s the lowdown:

SINIX Designs - the creator of the ultra adorable SSF4 Character Pins - has teamed up with Focusattack to release the series on a t-shirt! The designs feature iconic characters inspired by the fighting game series, along with a clever tagline that most core fighters familiar with the characters will instantly relate to. These are designed on a Men’s American Apparel 100% Cotton Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt.



The graphics provided show a 3 color design, complete with SSF4 character and tagline in front, plus focusattack logo in back. Final design may vary slightly.

For a limited time, get this t-shirt for a special price! Comes with FREE SINIX Design pin! Ships worldwide!

I don’t mention price because I realize this isn’t the Buy/Sell area. If I’m still wrong in posting this, I’ll definitely remove the post.


Yun Yang Twins…coming soon


Get your SINIX SSF4 Char Buttons!

Pre-order SINIX Ryu or Chun-Li T-shirts!

Gimme that collaboration shirt. Gotta collect them all.

We’ll eventually release a collaboration shirt, but not for a while. ^_^;

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Focusattack.com and SINIX Design wants you to proudly show off your main…on a shirt! Follow @focusattack on Twitter and tell us who your main is in Super Street Fighter 4. Up to 3 players will win SINIX Design SSF4 Ryu and Chun-Li inspired T-Shirts + all 36 SINIX SSF4 Character buttons!

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