Wouldn't it be awesome if they invented Vagina without all the crazy attached to it?


SLIME. Slime is the best word to end this sentence.

you mean like a fleshlight?

Way to be sexist. PIG!

if you don’t like the opposite sex well then you can

  1. masturbate to internet porn
  2. buy a flesh light
  3. go to gay clubs
  4. buy a RealDoll
  5. chloroform and rape girls while they are asleep, so they can’t go crazy on you

i don’t hang out with gay guys very often. but ime they are way more annoying than girls are.

im just sayin if he doesnt like women he can try fags

if he doesnt like either well then i dunno maybe he can fuck his dog or something

Vagina without the crazy isn’t nearly as moist and delicious.

Tenga, they have all the fake vagina products you’ll need.


lol orochi #6 sounds Magnetix-esque lol.

Something like that exists, they’re called prostitutes.

why hasnt sigley posted in this thread yet…

im outi


You can always go to Thailand.

I fail to understand why “fuck them, then leave” or “fuck them, then pay them to leave” cough, fish, cough is not on the list.

Deplorable! Its men like you that are ruining our world!

That’s why I like animals, You know, animals never have war. War is an invention of mankind.

TL;DR - You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms.

God created the vagina WITHOUT crazy before he created Eve…its no coincidence that we got opposable thumbs…

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What? God damn that wetness is such a turn on. So damn hot when you feel a spread of liquid all over your thighs and lower stomach and you just know she is sleeping on towels tonight.